05 Dec

6 Signs of a Great LED Window Display

Finding the right LED sign to display in the window of your business is tough, but the reward is well worth the effort. LED signs can deliver incredible ROI for your business, but the key is finding the right display. Today, we’ll talk about six of the things you should look for before pulling the […]

09 Oct

Focus on the Basics to Maximize Your Digital Sign Results

Pulling the trigger on your switch from traditional to LED signage is the easiest step, but what next? How do you utilize your new investment to its full potential? Like most things in life, planning is the key. What Is Your Objective? You can do a whole lot with an LED sign, but what’s your […]

09 Oct

Use Localized Content in Digital Sign Messaging to Truly Speak to Your Audience

Using digital signage to communicate to people both within and outside your organization relies on the ability to localize your messaging to really speak to your audience. Localizing your content is really easy, but at the same time, countless businesses just aren’t using their LED signs to their maximum potential. Let’s fix that. Localized Content […]

09 Oct

How to Accurately Measure the ROI of Your Digital Sign for Maximum Profit

school led sign

Before you even start thinking about dedicating funds to the design, implementation and maintenance of digital signage for your business, it’s crucial to understand how to calculate ROI. Although LED signs regularly deliver massive ROI to businesses, you won’t know just how much they’re affecting your bottom line unless you pay attention to a few […]

09 Oct

Optimize Your Sign Display to Stand Out from the Crowd

The ability of LED signs to generate business seemingly out of thin air might seem like witchcraft, but your sign is only as good as the content and imagery it displays. Whether you intend to deliver information, pique interest or inspire emotion, the quality of your content and design is paramount. In fact, there are […]

24 Sep

Using LED School Sign Videos and Animations

church led signs

Animations and videos are one of the most powerful features available with your new LED sign, and what gives this medium a big edge over traditional signs and billboards. Moving ads and messages grab attention in ways that static signs just can’t. Why Use Videos and Animations with Your School LED Sign? LED sign multimedia […]

24 Sep

How to Keep Your Church Sign Looking Brand New

Church LED signs are big investments, and protecting that investment is crucial to see big results for years and years down the road. Read on to see how to properly clean and care for your LED sign, protecting it from the elements and whatever else life sends your way. Keeping Your Church LED Sign Looking […]

24 Sep

Graphics or Text: Which is Most Important for LED School Signs?

The use of graphics and animations in LED signs is getting more and more common by the day, and why not when they’ve proven to be a fast, safe return on investment for businesses, organizations and schools the world over? But are animations and graphics right for every school? LED signs are visually enticing and […]

24 Sep

Enhancing Game Day with a Powerful Sign

school led sign

LED Outdoor signs have been in use at sporting events for a while now to replay critical moments and display scores, but their capabilities go far beyond that. LED signs can help boost excitement and fan engagement to new heights—here’s how. Dynamic Social Media Recently, a professional hockey team placed seemingly regular advertisements on outdoor […]

14 Aug

Get the Most Out of Your Sign with Attention-Grabbing Videos and Animations

We’ve seen too many business owners out there with LED signs who aren’t using their new investments to their full ability. LED signs have the power to transform the way people view your company and multiply your ability to gain attention and new visitors, but failure to think outside the box with your new sign […]


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