Church Signs Inspire, Welcome, and Educate

The benefits of Church Signs

  • blue check markSymbol of Stability
  • blue check markShare Service Times
  • blue check markProvide Inspirational Messaging
  • blue check markFoster a sense of belonging
  • blue check markEncourage Community Involvement
  • blue check markEncourage Reflection
  • blue check markShare Church News
  • blue check markPrayer Requests
  • blue check markSocial Media Integration
  • blue check markCultural and Historical Preservation
Three different examples of school signs

The Difference is Mega

Church Signs are essential for communicating your message, inspiring your congregation, and providing outreach for potential new members.

Why invest in a MEGA Church Sign?

What are Church Signs?

Church signs are message boards, LED displays, or Digital signs usually found either outside or inside churches, or other places of worship such as synagogues and mosques. Their primary function is to inform, welcome, and promote church gatherings and various events involved with the church. They come in various forms, from traditional wooden or metal signs with changeable lettering, to modern digital church signs that can display dynamic messages, graphics, and videos. Some of the functions digital church signs  perform is to convey inspirational messages, service times, event announcements, specials guests, local events, or other important information about the church.

The benefits of Church Signs

  • Visibility & Outreach: Church signs act as a beacon, making the presence of a place of worship known to locals and passersby. They can attract new members and inform the community of the church’s activities and mission statement.
  • Communication: These signs provide an efficient way to share information about upcoming events, sermons, and other church-related news.
  • Inspiration: With their uplifting and thoughtful messages, church signs can inspire, offer solace, or even inject a bit of humor into someone’s day.
  • Flexibility: Especially with digital signs, churches can quickly update their messages quickly and efficiently to stay relevant and timely.
  • Cost-effective Marketing: Instead of relying solely on digital media or printed materials, church signs offer a one-time investment that can serve the church’s communication needs for years.

Statistics on Church Signs

Harvest Fellowship Church Sign testimonial

Have more questions about Church Signs? Check out our Frequently asked questions about Church signs here.

Here’s our entire Church LED Signs Installation Process

Cornerstone Community Church Sign - Step 1

1. Church Signs Site Survey – A knowledgeable representative will come out during a time of your choosing, to inspect the site and give you the best advice for your new Digital Church sign.

Preliminary Sign design Mockup & Virtual Placement for Church signs - Step 2

2. Church Sign Design – Our top-notch graphics team will create a perfect representational mockup (blueprint) of your new Church sign.

Church sign creation - Step 3

3. Church Sign Production – Your new Church signs will be fabricated in our 102,000 square foot warehouse in the heartland of Texas.

Aging/Environment Testing for Church signs - Step 4

4. Aging/Environmental Test – Upon creation, your church sign will be tested in an environmental and aging test to ensure your sign will display your message year round, and around the clock providing an effective solution that gets you results.

Church sign Electrical Connection - Step 5

5. Electrical Connection – Our professional electricians will hook up and install all your Church signs electrical components.

Groundwork Hole and Rebar for Church Signs - Step 6

6. Groundwork – Our signs are built to last, we will make sure the hole where the rebar connections go into is compliant to specifications, and iron rebar is added for extra security and stability.

Church signs Groundwork Concrete Filling - Step 7

7. Concrete fill in – We fill the hole where your sign will be placed with concrete, to ensure stability, and prevent vandalism.

Installation of the Secure Church Signs Pedestal - Step 8

8. Install Secure Base – The pedestal or custom base you selected, will be professionally installed along with your LED Church sign.

Installing and Securing the Cabinet for Church Signs - Step 9

9. Install/Secure Cabinet – Your cabinet will be secured to the concrete rebar with heavy duty industrial bolts, capable of withstanding Hurricane conditions.

Final Inspection/Content Upload for Church Signs - Step 10

10. Final Inspection/Finished – Once your sign is installed, a final inspection will be conducted to make sure everything is working properly. Enjoy your new sign and the added benefit of more awareness of potential new church goers!

Update your old outdated sign for a modern, new look

Drag the slider to see before and after of some Church Signs!

St Joseph Parish Before Church LED signs St Joseph Parish Church Sign After
St Joseph Parish Church. Before and After.
Harvest Fellowship Before LED sign Harvest Fellowship church LED sign
Harvest Fellowship. Before and After
First Methodist Church Sign before First Methodist Church Sign After
First Methodist Church. Before and After
Capital City Church Sign Before Capital City Church Sign After
Capital City Church. Before and After
Ocala West Church of Nazarene Church Sign Before Ocala West Church of Nazarene Church Sign After
Ocala West Church of Nazarene Before and After
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