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Are you in-charge or growing your church's congregation? Nothing works better than MEGA's Customizable Church signs. Provide your Church, Synagogue, Mosque, or any other religious institution with our Church Signs.

Some of MEGA LED's Church signs

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Harvest Fellowship Church Sign testimonial

Here’s our entire Church Signs Installation Process

Cornerstone Community Church old LED sign

1. Church Signs Site Survey – A knowledgeable representative will come out during a time of your choosing, to inspect the site and give you the best advice for your new Digital Church sign.

Preliminary Sign design Mockup & Virtual Placement

2. Church Sign Design – Our top-notch graphics team will create a perfect representational mockup (blueprint) of your new Church sign.

LED sign creation

3. Church Sign Production – Your new Church signs will be fabricated in our 52,000 square foot warehouse in sunny California.

Aging/Environment Testing for LED signs

4. Aging/Environmental Test – Upon creation, your sign will be tested in an environmental and aging test to ensure your sign will display your message year round, and around the clock providing an effective solution that gets you results.

LED sign Electrical Connection

5. Electrical Connection – Our professional electricians will hook up and install all your Church signs electrical components.

Groundwork Hole and Rebar

6. Groundwork – Our signs are built to last, we will make sure the hole where the rebar connections go into is compliant to specifications, and iron rebar is added for extra security and stability.

LED signs Groundwork Concrete Filling

7. Concrete fill in – We fill the hole where your sign will be placed with concrete, to ensure stability, and prevent vandalism.

Installation Securing the Pedestal

8. Install Secure Base – The pedestal or custom base you selected, will be professionally installed along with your LED Church sign.

Installing and Securing the Cabinet

9. Install/Secure Cabinet – Your cabinet will be secured to the concrete rebar with heavy duty industrial bolts, capable of withstanding Hurricane conditions.

Final Inspection/Content Upload

10. Final Inspection/Finished – Once your sign is installed, a final inspection will be conducted to make sure everything is working properly. Enjoy your new sign and the added benefit of more awareness of potential new church goers!

Church Signs Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading from your current static changeable letter Church sign to LED church signs is an investment, so you might have a few questions. Mega LED Technology has custom-designed thousands of church led signs as worship centers and are one of our top demographics.

We’ve been building custom church signs for nearly 3 decades and can help you design, program and install the perfect church signs for your congregation. We’ve answered every question and are eager to help you make the best decision specifically for you.

Programming is easy! Your new Church sign comes with easy and intuitive software. Like anything new, you will need to learn your way around, but it won’t take too long to get the hang of things, in fact getting your sign installed, plugged in, and programmed can take one day! Your software empowers you to upload custom designs, photos, videos, and text from inside the church—or any remote location.

This includes scheduling what messaging to post, what order to alternate multiple messages, how long each message displays, what time of day to display time-relevant messages, and pre-scheduling advanced messages. Switch things up anytime you want.

You can have your Church Signs display a welcome message in the morning, church services in the afternoon, and a congratulatory message to a wedding couple in the evening. Pretty neat! As always, if you have any questions or need help programming or creating content for your new Church Sign, feel free to contact our support team!

Programming your Outdoor Church Signs
Hiring an LED Church Signs Designer

Text-only scrolling message boards have a variety of font options, pre-programmed graphics, and special effects. It will take time to experiment with all your options to find what works for you, but you or one of your team members will easily be able to do it all yourself.

As you can see the image on the right, your options here are endless and you can alternate between a variety of text and designs. Here are a handful of ideas for inspiration.

  • Your logo
  • An inspirational quote or scripture
  • The date and time
  • Weekly or daily service times
  • Upcoming special events
  • Community outreach
  • Welcome and send off your congregation
  • Welcome and send off weddings and corporate event guests
  • Hilarious quotes, and biblical phrases with a humorous twist. Like the ones you can find in this article.
  • And more!

If you want a proven design, just contact our support team and we can come up with a creative design and idea!

Digital Church Signs examples
Faith Heights Mockup

The choice is up to you. One large sign placed at your entrance or along the roadway is highly effective. However, many churches opt to have a 2 or 3-tier sign to include any combination of a logo-only sign, a scrolling sign, and a sign for alternating messages. For combination Monument signs, check out our Omega Monument Signs.

In addition to your primary entrance sign, you can also place indoor and outdoor church signs strategically throughout your grounds. This could include small signs to direct traffic in your parking lot, a sign in your courtyard, a directory in your lobby, signs placed outside of special event rooms, a menu board sign at your café, a promotion and price sign in your gift shop, and more.

Pictured : Faith Heights Church. Final sign installation. As you can see based off the mock-up, your sign will be an exact replica of its blueprint! At MEGA, we strive for perfection in every aspect of your sign. Attention to detail, longevity, and visibility are instrumental in your overall satisfaction.

Yes! It doesn’t matter what your local climate is, your sign will operate to its full capacity no matter the weather—rain, shine, sleet, snow, ice, dry heat, humidity, and even below zero temperatures. Each of our signs is custom designed to your unique specs, including the components required for your local climate.

Our signs are tested in environment chambers for heat exceeding 160 Fahrenheit, and as low as -40 Fahrenheit! Whether you’re in Anchorage Alaska, or Death Valley, Nevada our LED signs will work no matter the climate. Speak to one of our talented service representatives to learn more.

Outdoor LED sign in cold weather
Size and Scale

As mentioned above, your sign is custom designed for you, including the size. Consider factors such as where you want your sign to be placed and what viewing range you require. Most outdoor church signs are rectangular and larger than a standard flat screen TV, but we can design small, medium, or over-sized billboards. We can even create a video wall with multiple screens. The only restriction is that your sign must be square or rectangular.

With vibrant LED graphics, even the smallest scrolling message boards are designed to be viewed up to 200 feet away. The larger your sign, the longer your viewing range—if that’s your goal. You may want a large sign that is designed for up-close viewing, so we will work with you to create the perfect resolution for your ideal viewing distance. Keep your sign on during business hours or 24 hours a day for crystal clear daylight and evening digital messaging.

Optimal viewing distance for an LED sign board
LED Digital Signage has a long life span

With proper care, your sign will last an average of 11 years or about 100,000 hours. This number is based on running your LED sign 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cleaning and maintenance of your new signs are also minimal and easy. The exterior needs to be wiped down with a microfiber cloth and an electronics-safe cleaning solution. Operating costs for your sign are 30% less than signs with fluorescent or incandescent lights.

Upgrading to outdoor church signs is an investment, so you want to know how to measure your ROI. There are a variety of ways to measure how well your sign is connecting and engaging with your congregation and community. Here are just a few:

  • Spike in website traffic
  • Spike in social media traffic
  • An increase in ticket, raffle, or event sales after posting a new sign
  • An increase in café or gift shop sales of featured promotions
  • More phone calls and digital inquiries
  • An increase in new visitors
  • An increase in returning visitors and congregation members
  • An increase in wedding, events, and non-secular church rentals
  • Congregation members positively commenting on your outdoor church signs

In addition here’s a graph demonstrating your ROI for LED Church Signs.


10 Ways To Use Church Signs Effectively

Harvest Fellow Ship LED Church Sign

As a church your signage is more than a place to state your name and address, but a powerful way to connect and engage with your congregation and community. If it’s time to upgrade your signage we urge you to consider MEGA church LED signs.

Church  signs are one of our most popular signage options and we have many photos to share as inspiration.  In addition to our photos, consider the 10 ideas below.

1. Vibrant Primary Signage

Holman United Methodist Church LED signs

Every church has a main sign at their entrance, but most of these signs are challenging to see from more than a block away. Your new Church signs will be lively and vibrant and visible from a far greater distance. The larger your outdoor church signage, the more increased the visibility. Not to worry when it’s grey out, as your sign will shine bright in any and all weather.

Cost is not a concern as you can keep your sign lit all day long for a fraction of the cost of non-LED signs. They cost as much as 80% less to operate than incandescent and fluorescent signs and last an average of 11 years.

2. Daily Or Weekly Messaging

Many churches like to post a quote of the week. The primary reason the same quote remains up for a full week is that it takes too much time to switch out manual signs. Manual signs are also limited in how much text you can share, leaving you with short quotes and scriptures. With a digital church led sign you can update messaging with easy and intuitive software from the comfort of your office.

The quote can be longer as you can rotate between multiple screens, and post in a variety of fonts and text sizes. With our signs, you could even add graphics, design elements, and photos too!

3. Welcome Sign

Zion Lutheran Church LED signs

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to welcome each group as they arrive at your scheduled events? With your new digital church signage, you can do just that! Whether it’s your main entrance sign or signs placed strategically inside your church, you can send a welcome message for your weekly youth group, monthly women’s lunch, choir rehearsal, men’s prayer group, weekly services, upcoming events, retreats, and more.

Customize your Digital Church signs to do more than welcome each group but cycle through a variety of messages to share the itinerary or any reminders.

4. Goodbye Signage

Your messaging can be adjusted for different times of day, so consider switching up the signage so that it sends reminder messages as your congregation or groups are on their way out. This could be to remind them of the next group meeting, homework assignments, things to bring next week, scheduled events they may also be interested in, or an inspirational message to carry them through the remainder of the day. Double sided Church LED signs could also achieve this effect, perfectly.

5. Engage Your Community

Engage your community with Church LED signs

Your new Church LED signs do more than just share your name and the type of worship facility you provide, but for many community members it’s something they drive by on their way home, to and from work, or each time they are in your area. This means that it is an essential way to brand your church or worship facility so you must make sure that your message and graphics deliver the look and feel that you want to convey.

If your messaging engages it will attract the attention of community members looking for a new church or who are new to religion and have always enjoyed your messaging. Don’t forget to share your non-religion-based community outreach programs, such as hosting AA meetings, community meals, shelter, and more.

6. Advertise Upcoming Events

Prairie View LED Sign Board

Aside from your weekly worship events and ongoing church schedule you are sure to have a variety of events that you want both your congregation and your community to know about. This could be anything from bake sales to a holiday bazaar, coat drive, toy drive, choir concert, play, and more. Don’t forget signage space for non-church related events that you rent your facilities out for. Maybe the local high school fundraising car wash, a black-tie event for a local non-profit, or a business meeting. No more paper signs!

7. Direct Your Guests

Digital Billboards can be used to direct guests

Make no mistake, church signs aren’t just for megachurches, but if you have a large and sprawling church—consider placing signs in areas other than the main entrance. This might be to direct traffic in the parking lot, as a main directory in the church lobby, and to indicate the location of different meeting rooms for church and outside events.

This can of course include posting the schedule or itinerary. Your Church LED signs won’t reduce the need for direct contact and engagement but can help streamline and flow.

8. Highlight Services, Products, & Menus

Another way to utilize Church signs is to place signs at your various points of sale. This includes your gift shop, coffee shop, book store, or any type of service center. Highlight everything from the menu to inventory, prices, sales, and upcoming promotions. Updating your menus and prices is a breeze with your intuitive signage software.

9. Off-Site Billboard

Don’t just consider placing your new Church LED signs on-site as you can rent small or large signage spaces to advertise your church. This could include placing signs on the nearest expressway, in your local city or neighborhood, or in strategic places in nearby cities.

10. Share Photos And Videos

We have a few different signage options to choose from including scrolling signs and high-definition signs that you can use to post vibrant graphics and crystal-clear HD photos and videos. Photos and videos are an ideal way to share your congregation enjoying your different events. Or maybe to share a quick slide show tour of your church grounds.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of LED church signs we invite you to reach out to Mega LED Technology today. We’re based in California but can ship your custom Church signs anywhere in the United States!

Update your old outdated sign for a modern, new look

Drag the slider to see before and after of some Church Signs!

St Joseph Parish Before Church LED signs St Joseph Parish Church Sign After
St Joseph Parish Church. Before and After.
Harvest Fellowship Before LED sign Harvest Fellowship church LED sign
Harvest Fellowship. Before and After
First Methodist Church Sign before First Methodist Church Sign After
First Methodist Church. Before and After
Capital City Church Sign Before Capital City Church Sign After
Capital City Church. Before and After

Spread The Word, 24/7/365

Would you be surprised to know that Church signs are the most cost-effective form of “advertisement” when it comes to reaching past, present and future members of your congregation?

It’s true. Here are just a few benefits of Church signs:

  • For new visitors to organizations with a freshly installed Church signs, most agree that the sign was their primary reason for stopping by
  • Church signs can be easily reprogrammed (don’t worry, we’ll handle it) to display anything from passages to seasonal greetings to dates for fundraising events-the possibilities are endless
  • Standard reader-board signs are often overlooked, but Digital Church Signs stand out by using color and motion to reach far and wide.

When it comes to results, Our Church signs are the best choice for churches looking to improve or expand their community outreach.

Are You Reaching As Many People As Possible?

You don’t have to leave your church’s message up to chance. Church signs are an investment in the future. And by trusting a company with a proven track record, you’ll sleep soundly knowing MEGA is just a phone call away for any questions or problems.


A row of LED signs in MEGA LED Technology's warehouse

Mega LED Technology is a leading manufacturer of Digital Church LED signs. From our humble beginnings in 2006, our company has expanded leaps and bounds by staying committed to our goal: to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices while delivering unrivaled customer service and support.

Our product development department constantly strives to push LED technology forward, our sales department will help you make an educated decision based on your needs, and our technical support team will provide you with the best service for the lifetime of your product.

Whether you’re looking for an entry level display or a digital billboard, we’ve got you covered.

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