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The benefits of LED School Signs

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The Difference is Mega

MEGA LED School Signs

Schools, Universities, across the country choose MEGA LED Technology for their signs for schools.

What are LED School Signs?

School signs serve as prominent communication tools within the educational environment, that include a variety of sign types ranging from traditional bulletin boards, to modern digital school signs. They are fundamental in conveying essential information to students, staff, parents, and the wider community. These signs can be found both indoors and outdoors, displaying a myriad of content including school names, event announcements, schedules, achievements, and educational messages.


The Benefits of LED School Signs

The benefits of school signs are manifold. Firstly, they act as essential communication channels that keep all stakeholders informed about various school-related matters. By displaying vital information, they contribute to creating an organized and informed school community. Secondly, school signs foster a sense of identity and pride among students and staff. When adorned with school colors, logos, or mascots, they enhance school spirit and create a sense of belonging. Thirdly, in the case of digital school signs, the ability to display dynamic content like videos and animations not only captures attention but also improves engagement, making the communication more effective and interactive.


LED School Signs Statistics

Digital School signage has been shown to increase brand awareness by 47.7%, indicating its potential to boost school recognition and engagement within the community​​. Moreover, 71% of consumers have reported that digital signage stands out more than online ads, showcasing its effectiveness in capturing attention in a busy environment like a school​. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of digital signage, costing only $0.15 per 1000 impressions as compared to traditional newspaper advertisements that could cost up to $7.39 per 1000 impressions, demonstrates the economical advantage of employing digital school signs for interest in your school, and communication purposes​.

In summary, school signs are indispensable tools for communication, fostering community engagement, and promoting school identity. The advent of digital signage further amplifies these benefits by offering dynamic, cost-effective, and engaging means to convey important information within educational settings.

MEGA’s School Signs are all about CHOICES and CUSTOMIZABILITY

Our Signs for schools might be affordable, but it’s sure not light on features. Here’s why they are the perfect school sign.

Choose Your Powder Coat Color

Our school signs powder colored exterior is eye-catching, built to withstand the elements, and—best of all—YOU get to pick its color. From reds to blues, pastels to neutrals, and everything in between, Our School Signs give you the power, to choose the perfect color for your school or university.

Alpha LED sign boards Powder Coated color options
Alpha LED sign Boards Pedestal Sizes

Choose Your Pedestal Size

Every organization and every location is totally different, and choosing the right school sign means finding the right size and height to reach the most people possible and deliver your message efficiently and quickly.

Our Digital and LED School Signs let you choose between 5 different pedestal heights or a lower, wider monument-style base to fit any location.

Choose Your Pixel Size

Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to choose between tri-color and full-color displays, various pixel pitches to target your audience with perfect clarity, and input via remote or PC access to upload and change messaging just about anywhere.

Your new Digital school signs are the outdoor sign designed by you and built for you.

Versa Scrolling Window Sign features

Have more questions about School Signs? Check out our Frequently asked questions about School signs here.

PSJA ISD Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District Case Study.

PSJA Case Study

10 Creative Ways To Use your new School Signs

Owatonna High School Digital School Sign

1. School Signs help Schedule Reminders

You provide students and parents with calendars, but your signs can be a friendly reminder. This can include school hours, office hours, the first day of school, when parent-teacher conferences are, upcoming half days, 3-day weekends, winter break, spring break, and much more. The sky is the limit when you use MEGA School Signs!

2. Campus Directory & Virtual Tours

Strategically placed School signs highlighting the campus directory can be helpful the first week of school as new students learn their way around campus. If you have a new set of buildings, recent remodel, or have kids in for the day touring your campus—you could also share a series of images that act as a virtual tour.

You can even upload an image of your campus and have a you are here sign for all different locations so students can easily navigate their first days of school.

3. School Signs Upcoming Special Events

Help build excitement and anticipation, as well as participation in your school’s upcoming special events. From school spirit week to the Friday night football game, prom, an upcoming play, guest speaker, bake sale, fundraising event, and more. Your signs for schools can include all information related to the special event such as when and where, and how much the tickets are if tickets are required.

Don’t just announce the event but create a fun countdown. Maybe even share a few photos from a previous game or event. Make it a gallery with 3 different screens showing all the above! In the new digital age, standout and get your message across with your School Signs.

4. Helpful Tips

Think outside the box to consider meaningful ways you can engage your students with electronic signs for schools. Before finals, you could post an infographic of study tips. During cold and flu season you could share tips for boosting your immunity. During the summer you could share tips for staying hydrated in the humid weather. If not helpful tips, share fun facts about your local area, the school, season, trending topics, and more.

5. Celebratory Messages for The Staff

Digital signs for schools are primarily for the students but don’t forget your staff. You could post a message celebrating each teacher or staff member’s birthday or anniversary. You could announce new coaches and extracurricular teachers. If a teacher or staff member receives an outside nomination or award, or if their work is published somewhere you can announce it on one of your signs too.

You could even rotate staff profiles and fun facts to help students get to know their teachers and support staff better. Your new digital sign can even be a focal point for students to gather, to see what new announcements are coming up!

6. Celebratory Messages for Students

You can use your signs for schools to celebrate student’s and their accomplishments too. Post a photo of the science fair winners, the winning team in last nights game, students who are most improved, students who made the honor roll, and celebrate students who are active in their community. Instead of outdated interchangeable signs, invest in a digital school sign to REALLY drive any message you want.

7. Sports & Extracurricular Announcements

Students are just as busy with their after school commitments as they are during the school day. Help kids stay up to date by announcing sports and extracurricular news through your digital signs. This could be to encourage the student body to come out in support of an upcoming game, performance, or event.

You could let everyone know of an upcoming team or activity fundraiser. Share the date of the next science fair. Remind students of upcoming tryouts. Announce those who made the cut. Announce a game or activity that is canceled for the day. Congratulate a team or club for winning their last game or competition.

8. Daily Essentials

Many schools are replacing the primary signage at their entryways with School signs that can be updated with the daily essentials. This can include everything from the time to the weather, school motto, daily quotes, lunch specials, and key daily events. The information on the sign can change or vary by time of day. For example, the morning sign could feature the breakfast menu, while the afternoon sign could the lunch menu.

9. Emergency Announcements

If there are any kind of emergencies to announce they can be shared on one or more of the signs in the school. This includes weather warnings, weather delays, earthquake drills, school cancellations, and any immediate message that needs to be shared with the students, staff, and community.

10. Multi-Use Signs

As you can see there are countless ways you can use your new digital signs, but don’t feel limited to just one message. Your signs can rotate through a variety of messages, just make sure that each one stays on screen long enough for the full content to be seen and read (We recommend anywhere between 10-15 seconds). You can show the same rotation all day long or during different times of day, and you can change and update messaging any time you like.

Now that you can see the benefits of digital signs for schools, we invite you to reach out to Mega LED Technology to learn more!

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