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MEGA LED Technology strives to provide the highest quality LED Signs, outdoor Digital Signs, and large customized electronic signs, for every school, church, business, or organization. We promise to deliver unparalleled, crisp, high definition signs, with multiple features, and provide exemplary customer service support throughout the entire process, and beyond.

Stand out, and capture attention with custom created LED signs and platforms, that are perfect for any business, church, school, or event.

“We are very happy with our Mega LED display! Since it was installed we have found it to be a very effective tool in communicating our programs and upcoming special events. The sign is meeting our needs.”

-John Lehne, Facilities Director, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

John Lehne Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Director

10 Reasons to choose MEGA LED Signs

Made in the USA | American Flag

1. Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured in the USA with Domestic and Imported Components. All of our LED signs and other products are crafted with precision, diligence, intelligently designed and engineered for top performance in our 69,000 square foot facility in Commerce, CA. You’ll never have to worry about inferior products with us. And If you need help? We’re here for you, just send us an email or call our number anytime.

5 year warranty on all LED signs image
2. Five year parts and labor warranty

We stand behind everything we build. That’s why we offer an industry leading 5 year parts and on-site labor warranty. We also proudly have an in house customer support team whose sole purpose is to make sure YOU, the customer is happy. Plus, we’re fast. If you’re in the continental US (lower 48 States) you can expect parts within 72 hours of calling for help.

Price match guarantee
3. Price match guarantee

You’d think that with such a great product our prices would be astronomical… but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, we offer a price match guarantee. If you’re quoted a lower price from any of the competition, simply send us the quote and we’ll match it. Win/win.

Dozens of trusted brands
4. Trusted by tons of brands

We’ve been innovating the LED signs industry for awhile now and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Major brands from all over the country are now choosing MEGA for their LED sign needs. Who wouldn’t choose superior quality products at reasonable prices?

Hand holding computer with customized content
5. Free customized content & designs

Need help with content and designs for you new LED signs? Don’t worry, we got you covered. We offer free custom content and design services for 1 full year after purchase. That’s right, we’ll design the perfect ad for your organization’s goals. You’ll be getting results in no time.

Wrench on Blue Background
6. Built to Last

MEGA LED signs are manufactured well beyond industry standards. With all aluminum cabinets, continuous steel mounts, LINE-X coating, solid state control systems, and water proof plugs, your LED sign is going to look and perform just like the day you bought it for years to come.

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7. Features Galore!

All the LED signs we create come completely loaded with features! As a result, we can confidently say that we make some of the best signs in the industry. With solid state control systems, temperature sensors, conformal coated power supplies, and superior LED modules, you’re going to love your MEGA sign.

Energy efficient LED signs icon
8. Energy Efficient

Interested in LED signs that cost less to operate and is easier on the environment? Look no further. On average, our Custom LED signs consume 20% less energy than stuff made by the other guys. Your power bill, and mother earth are both going to love you for choosing MEGA.

Hand picking up a block | Large Selection
9. A wide selection of shapes, sizes and resolutions

Whether you need something small and simple, or you’re looking for something larger and more robust, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide range of display shapes, sizes and resolutions all perfectly designed for your needs.

Representative with headset | Support
10. Free support for life

Around here, we take customer support very seriously. When you purchase LED signs from the MEGA, we’ll never leave you hanging without the support you need. Instead, we’ll be there for you for the entire life of the product, for any reason…absolutely free. You’re welcome.

MEGA LED Technology has worked with some of our nations most notable organizations

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MEGA Custom LED signs Blog

LED Signs Frequently Asked Questions

LED Signs are electronic message boards that are comprised of a base, a processor, an electrical display board with LED (light-emitting diode) lights, and either a custom top, address, or a strengthened aluminum encasing.

The light emitting diodes, which are tiny semiconductors that emit a light whenever an electric current is passed through it. Our proprietary software ensures that the right signal gets sent to the correct LED at the correct time, to ensure your message gets to its intended target audience.

Unlike traditional methods of marketing, LED Signs, and Digital signage in general have a unique combination of being incredibly cost effective over the duration of their very generous lifespan, while also being very robust, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. In fact perhaps the only drawback would be the initial cost for large LED Signs, but that is quickly mitigated in just a year or two by increased revenue.

In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, LED Signs can increase a business’s ROI (return on investment) anywhere from 15 to 150%!

The cost per impression on Google Ads can range anywhere from ten cents – for not very searched keywords, to 54.91$ for the keyword “Insurance”. As a comparison, your new LED Signs can cost you only 0.01$ to 0.74$ per impression depending on the size, scale, and pitch of your sign!

LED Signs differ from other types of signage such as: print signs, backlit stationary signs, and billboards in two unique ways. Customizability, and flexibility!

You see, LED Signs can be programmed to display a unique message for any event, sale, promotion, BOGO, or call to action! Not only that, but these messages can vary from morning, afternoon, and evening! You can have a different message or promotion for every hour of every day!

Take this example: Restaurateurs can display their early bed special in the morning, program the sign to automatically change to the lunch special at 11 a.m. followed by a happy hour from 5 p.m. onwards! The ability to adapt on an hour to hour basis is unique only to Digital Signs. No static sign, billboard, or even CPC ad on Google can achieve this level of flexibility!

LED Signs is as unique as its’ pricing and it all really depends on the type of sign you want. We offer many Digital signs including our Alpha LED sign boards, Premier Outdoor Digital Signs, Versa Scrolling Signs, Omega Monument signs, and our SMD Indoor video walls.

Each different model has different benefits, and the costs of each can vary anywhere from a very affordable 500$ scrolling sign, up to a 20,000+ dollar indoor video wall, used for trade shows, or Mega Churches.

Other names for LED Signs are Outdoor Digital Signs, LED Signs, Electronic Message Boards, Digital signs, Digital Signage, Scrolling LED signs and much more. It just depends on what the customers intends and searches for.

The real differences come into play when you start involving pixel pitch, whether you want a monument sign, a scrolling led sign, or a completely LED sign based on a specific design in mind.

LED Signs can drastically increase your ROI. In fact, the Small Business Association of America has reported that LED Signs can boost your revenue anywhere from 15 – 150%! Some other amazing benefits include:

  • Upwards of 60% of your customers will see LED Signs.
  • They will reach 70% of the public!
  • They increase brand awareness by as much as 86%!
  • They make perceived wait times for customers much quicker!
  • LED Signs can rachet up sales volume by more than 30%!
  • More than 40% of shoppers would rather visit stores with Digital Signs.
  • LED Signs maximize user engagement at the point of sale.
  • Digital Signs – when done right, are among the most cost-effective forms of advertisement, easily beating out Television, Radio, and Newspaper.

See References

Churches – No church is complete without a full color digital church sign outside of its doors. Church signs are important to showcase what the sermon will be about, what message to leave to your congregation, hours of services, welcoming guests, upcoming religious holidays,  and much more!

Government – Military bases, Civic Centers, Libraries, Aerospace centers, and more, have the need for Government Digital signs.  Staging upcoming events, reminding personnel of important dates and routines, showing visitor hours and much more.

Gas Stations – Most gas stations around the United States still traditionally use replaceable gas station placard signs, yet a growing number are turning to LED Signs. The benefits exceed just the normal prices of gas, but can also be used to promote food specials inside the establishment! Your staff will also save time changing each number individually.

Schools – One of the mist iconic items in front of any school is its Digital Full Color Sign. Schools have been using these signs for decades to announce parent teacher conferences, school holidays, football team dates, announcements of bake sales, fundraisers, and dances. Every school should have a full color led sign and perhaps even several to maximize the messaging to parents, students and teachers throughout the school.

Restaurants/Bars – Restaurateurs can benefit tremendously with LED Signs. You can have morning breakfast specials, lunch specials, and happy hour promotions, all in a day, 5 days a week. Then switch it up for the weekend! Your clients will be enthused driving by your restaurant to see what’s new at your establishment. The possibilities are endless!

Dentists – Dentists can use digital signs to highlight promotions including dentures, Invisalign, veneer specials and much more. Advertising hours of operation as well as Social media for free prizes on the sign can be used for further engagement.

Shopping Malls – LED Signs can be used in shopping malls to tell people about special events within the mall, display closing and opening hours. Indoor LED signs can even be bought out by local retailers displaying their sales on a rotating basis.

Exhibitions/Trade Shows – Trade shows can take advantage of high-quality LED Signs to show closeups of your products, kiss cam, vehicles, and anything else that happens at these venues!

Hospitality/Hotel/Motel – Having your motel or hotel logo is not enough. Displaying your vacant rooms, and any specials of the week you may have with ease. This is especially relevant if your business is on a highway and sees lots of coming traffic. Stand out amongst the dozens of motels on a potential customers route, by offering something no one else can, and displaying that offer.

Car Dealerships – Full Color Auto Dealer Signs are proven to drive attention to your dealership or automotive repair shop. Display eye-catching graphics that show off monthly promotions and specials that can grab the attention of traffic, with vibrant displays.

Health/Karate/Yoga Studios – Health and wellness studios are becoming a big fad, and you can find Karate Dojo’s on every other block. So how do you stand out from your competition? Digital Signs in front of your establishment are a great way to offer introductory classes and offers. Offer a free first class, reinforce dates students should come in, advertise the different times for adult and kids’ classes and more with LED Signs.

Other various small retail businesses – From Aquariums, to pool supply stores, storage unit rentals, to pest control. LED Signs, along with a good marketing strategy, has been shown to boost sales from anywhere from 15% to 150%!

LED Signs are unique in that the costs range from the price range of a Google CPC ad over a weekend, to in some instances a small-sized car. The difference is exactly what you want it to achieve, how visible you want it to be, the ideal viewing distance you prefer, and the sharpness you would like for it to have. Since digital signs can be modular, there is no real limit to how many of these signs you can combine.

A Versa Scrolling LED sign can display quick lunch specials for your bistro, while a large Digital School sign can cycle through your yearbook pictures, show highlights from prom, and much more!

Call one of our friendly representatives and find out what your best option would be. We will never try to sell you on something you may need or want.

The best place to place your Full Color LED sign is dependent on the layout of your business, church or school. A large church may benefit with several large full color digital signs. One outside welcoming members, one in the lobby directing your congregation, and informing them what the sermon of the day will be, and 2 large indoor video walls inside as part of the presentation.

On the other hand, a karate studio would benefit from one large Full Color Sign, while a small bistro in downtown, would benefit from just a small scrolling LED sign.

The configurations, customizations, and flexibility is reserved for your discretion!

Congratulations to SpaceX and NASA on this historic launch, with the help of MEGA LED Technologies new LED countdown clock!

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