Restaurant signs provide Branding and Visibility, Customer Acquisition, and Operational Efficiency

The benefits Restaurant Signs

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Corleone's Bar and Grill Restaurant Sign

The Difference is Mega

MEGA Restaurant Signs

MEGA’s Restaurant Signs are designed, built and crafted here in the USA.

Corleone's bar and Grill Restaurant Sign
Venus De Milo Restaurant sign
Peters Clam Bar Restaurant signs
Coca Cola Outdoor Restaurant sign
Subway Restaurant sign
Burger King Restaurant sign
Bonzai Restaurant LED sign

What are Restaurant Signs?

Restaurant signs are like the appetizers of the dining experience—they give you a taste of what’s to come. They can range from elegant wooden signs displaying the restaurant’s name to flashy neon ones screaming out today’s specials. They can also go digital, showing rotating images of mouth-watering dishes or the live band playing tonight. They’re essentially the restaurant’s way of saying, “Hey, we’re here, and we’ve got some good stuff for you!”


What are the benefits of Restaurant Signs?

Let’s take a look into the benefits they offer. First up, they’re attention-grabbers. A catchy or beautifully designed sign can turn heads and lure people in. They’re like silent salespeople, working 24/7 to promote the restaurant. Secondly, they set the vibe. A quirky sign might hint at a fun, casual dining experience, while a classy, understated one might set the stage for a more refined meal. They also provide crucial info like the menu, opening hours, or if there’s a wait. In a digital era, going digital with Restaurant signs can also add a modern touch, showing changing menus or specials in a vibrant, engaging way.


Some interesting statistics on Restaurant Signs

Now, for a some amazing statistics. Did you know that about 68% of consumers believe that a restaurant’s signage reflects the quality of its food and service? That’s a big deal! A good sign can create a positive first impression that lasts. Also, a whopping 76% of consumers have said that they’ve entered a restaurant they’ve never visited before based simply on its signs. Now that’s some serious pulling power! And here’s a dessert stat: businesses that enhance their signage with an emphasis on branding can see a 15% increase in revenue. So, a good sign isn’t just eye candy; it can bring in some sweet moolah too!


In a nutshell, restaurant signs are more than just pointers to where you can grab a bite; they’re an essential part of a restaurant’s identity and marketing toolkit. They beckon hungry folks, tell a little story about what kind of culinary adventure awaits, and can even be a game-changer in a restaurant’s road to success. They’re like the cherry on top of the restaurant branding sundae!

3 LED Products, Unlimited Possibilities


Versa Scrolling LED sign in three varietes

Communicate to your prospects and customers as they walk by with VERSA™ – our low cost scrolling LED window sign that is easy to work with.


Purple Jack in the Box Premier Outdoor LED sign

Turn passerby’s into customers with PREMIER™ – an outdoor LED sign perfectly crafted to make your business stand out, get noticed, and be seen.


St Paul Presbyterian Church LED sign

Upgrade your old marquee sign with ALPHA – our easy-to-install, easy-to-use high quality outdoor LED sign, frame and stand specifically designed to capture the attention you deserve.

How Digital Restaurant Signs Can Help Grow Your Business

People congregating in an open shop

As a restaurant owner you already know the power of POP (point of purchase) marketing to entice your customers to try new products. While paper marketing products will always have their time and place you can elevate your outcomes with a few strategically placed Restaurant Signs. While also cutting out that high overhead cost.

1. Easy Breezy Menu Updates

If you operate a fast-serve establishment or a café, restaurant, or bar with a posted menu board, you know the hassle of manually updating your menu options and pricing. By switching to an LED menu board, you can adjust the pricing and text without delay. It’s also a way to share variable pricing, like the price of lobster on the menu today. Also, your new sign is easier to clean and maintain than slats, posters, or chalkboards.

2. Less Questions At The Register

In addition to sharing your menu items and prices, you can alternate informative photos, graphics, and text. For example, you could share that you have a vegetarian burger substitute, vegan menu options, low-calorie menu options, gluten-free bread, diabetic-friendly menu options, organic menu options, or share that your beef is free-range from a local farm.

You can use your digital menu signs in various other ways as well. Show off menu specials, your soup of the day, market prices for various fish. Get creative with your new Digital menu boards!

For best results, answer your customers most frequently asked questions. These tidbits can be just one of many messages your sign scrolls through.

3. Engage your Customers

Whether they are standing in line or sitting at their table waiting for their food to come, you can utilize your Restaurant Signs to engage your customers. Don’t just choose a stationary sign or message but show a video or alternate through a variety of images or graphics.

Think beyond your menu to highlighting the employee of the month, the customer of the month, the farm you partner with, local fun facts, reminding customers that you offer delivery, that they can order and pick up in your restaurant app, share quick recipes or culinary tips, and more. As a bonus, your signs give your customers something to focus on reducing perceived wait time.

4. Increase Ticket Average

Restaurants who add mouth-watering photos of their best-selling dishes and guide sellers in up-sells such as extra cheese, popular side dishes, drink pairings, or dessert sees their ticket averages or orders per table increase an average of 15%—sometimes much more! Yes, your waiter or cashier must continue to prioritize up-sells, but your Restaurant signs can help get the ball rolling.

5. Showcase Menu Specials

If you have a seasonal menu, daily specials, or a new drink or dish you can showcase it in your digital menu and signs. For example, if your coffee shop offers a candy cane mocha or hot chocolate during the Christmas season. Or maybe your bar offers a special game day cocktail. Share that your farm to table restaurant has seasonal menu options of a rare or specialty fruit or vegetable.

Maybe you have special vegan, holiday, or themed menu items. You can highlight your weekend brunch menu, Friday fish fry, or other weekday-specific specials. The key is ensuring the photos are enticing, cheerful, and festive if applicable.

6. Change Your Menu For Time Of Day

Many restaurants have a distinct breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu—and with your new digital restaurant signs you can easily change this messaging by the time of day. This includes switching out the menu board or swapping out the photos and videos to show time-appropriate menu selections.

Even if your restaurant serves the same menu all day long you can benefit from strategic message changes, like featuring coffee in the morning, sandwiches and salads for lunch, and cocktails in the evening. No need to remember when to swap out the timed menu selections, as you can preprogram the changes to occur automatically.

7. Consistent Branding

If you operate a local or national chain restaurant you can ensure consistent branding via your Restaurant Signs. No need to worry if all store managers swapped out their signage on time as you can do it for them remotely. And yes, you can still offer manual modifications for stores that have menu or marketing variations.

In fact, it is easier to implement area-specific messaging with digital signs—all while ensuring that your branding is consistent across every city, state, district, or region.

8. Support Your Local Community

Since you can post a variety of images and video clips into just one of your Restaurant signs, consider mixing in messaging that celebrates or supports your local community. The sky is the limit here. You could post information about an upcoming event, highlight a non-profit you are passionate about, post the photo of the baseball team you sponsor, share photos of local attractions, and more.

By sharing what you support you show that you are more than just a restaurant but a proud member of your community. And yes, you can highlight nationwide or global non-profits and partnerships too.

9. Restaurant Signs can Highlight Promotions

In addition to your regularly priced items, your new sign ensures that your customers know about your current promotions. From your soup and salad lunch special to happy hour, buy-one-get-one-free day, promotions to boost gift certificate sales, and any kind of discount or promotion you are offering. Be sure to be proactive and list the start date of upcoming promotions with the goal of driving more customers in once it goes live.

10. Advertise Outside Of Your Restaurant Or Bar

Don’t just consider how to utilize your restaurant signs in your restaurant or window, but also look for places you can rent signage space for external advertising. This might be in the parking lot of your strip mall, in a high-traffic area of a nearby shopping center, or at a strategic location designed to drive more traffic to your restaurant. You may be surprised at just how many places in town you can rent out signage space. It’s like having your own mini billboard!

These are just a handful of ways you can utilize Restaurant signs in your restaurant, but you’ll find more on your own. If you are in need of quality digital signs we invite you to reach out to us today!

Digital Restaurant Signs Built Specifically for Restaurant, Cafe and Cafeteria Use

All of our Restaurant signs are built with high quality components and attention to detail. Passerby and customers are going to love the stunning LED display for years to come.

It's Time To Modernize Your Restaurant

Do you get tired of constantly updating your menu? Does your sign out front still display last season’s specials? Restaurant Signs are the quickest way to keep your restaurant up-to-date in when it comes to menu changes and advertisements. Here are just a few of the benefits of Digital Restaurant Signs:

  • Crystal clear displays eliminate customer confusion when ordering
  • Instantly and cleanly update your menu to reflect seasonal, daily or other limited-time offers;
  • Roughly 30% of customers report Restaurant Signs displays influence their buying decisions, and a majority of people prefer visiting restaurants that use LEDs
  • And perhaps even more importantly, customers who view LED displays while waiting feel that they actually spend less time waiting-whether that’s in line or for their dinner to arrive.

You don’t need to train your fry cooks in molecular gastronomy to modernize-that’s what MEGA is here for.

Fast And Reliable, Just Like The Rest of Your Business

Restaurant Signs as menus or storefront displays-are the secret ingredient of savvy, forward-thinking restaurant owners. After all, nobody likes heading out in the cold to change your reader board sign from “Happy Thanksgiving” to “Happy New Year.”


A row of LED signs in MEGA LED Technology's warehouse

Mega LED Technology is a leading manufacturer of programmable LED signs. From our humble beginnings in 2006, our company has expanded leaps and bounds by staying committed to our goal: to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices while delivering unrivaled customer service and support.

Our product development department constantly strives to push LED technology forward, our sales department will help you make an educated decision based on your needs, and our technical support team will provide you with the best service for the lifetime of your product. Whether you’re looking for an entry level display or a digital billboard, we’ve got you covered.

See what MEGA Sign Customers are saying about their product!

Restaurant Signs 2
JOHN LEHNE (Facilities Director, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

“We are very happy with our Mega LED display!  Since it was installed we have found it to be a very effective tool in communicating our programs and upcoming special events.  The sign is meeting our needs."

Restaurant Signs 3
GREG EDWARDS (Farmers Insurance, Pennsylvania)

"We recently purchased a MEGA sign and I couldn't be more happy. It arrived quickly and the installation was quick and easy. Programming the sign was even easier, especially after contacting MEGA's technical support."

Restaurant Signs 4
SYLVIA SMITH (Director of Marketing, Iowa)

"We've loved working with MEGA. Both their product and support have been top-notch. The product is everything we hoped for and more: bright, eye-catching and perfect for our business. They helped us every step of the way too. Best of all, it's increasing our ROI"

Restaurant Signs 5
ROGER SIMMONS (Sun-glass Shop - California)

"I love the Digital sign we put up outside our store. It's bright, represents our brand perfectly, and catches everyone's attention. We have already had many compliments about how good the sign looks. Our business has seen a significant increase in traffic as a result which has impacted our sales".

Restaurant Signs 6
LEN FOUST (The First Baptist Church of Baltimore)

"We the First Baptist Church of Baltimore thank you for your service and patience these past 2 half years. The church members, visitors, and friends are simply delighted with the signage by Mega LED. The installation of the sign has now inspired other churches nearby to consider an LED sign!"

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