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Our Alpha LED sign boards are highly customizable, versatile, and an incredibly cost-effective marketing tool, designed to give your brand, business, or location, an amazing amount of reach for pennies on the dollar per customer.

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LED sign boards are the perfect signs for for any church, school business or organization where changing your message on either a daily or weekly basis is important. We have several Digital Sign Boards to choose from, or we can create a custom digital message board that’s specific to your needs! The sky is the limit with our patented, state of the art, LED sign boards made right here in the U.S.A.

Hundreds of business have used Alpha programmable LED sign boards for their business needs! Click the images below to see some..

What exactly are LED Sign Boards?

    What is an LED?

    What is the difference between LED sign boards, LED signs, Digital Signs, and Neon Signs?

    What type of LED sign boards do you offer?

    What type of LED sign is right for me?

LED diode for an LED Sign Board An LED or light-emitting diode is a small chip usually made from silicon that usually produces up to three colors, including red, green, and yellow. It is the mixture and combination of these three colors that create all the colors of the visible spectrum including blue, purple, orange and everything in between. The combination of dozens or even hundreds of these little diodes, is what creates LED Sign Boards, or LED signs.

Hundreds of these little diodes make up an LED sign board. Stacking several of these sign boards together make up large LED sign boards. Concerts and Mega Churches utilize dozens of these boards in tandem to create giant slideshow images.

Closeup image of an LED sign board with a cutaway of the internals

Harbor View LED sign board LED Sign boards, LED signs, Digital Signs, and Electronic signs are all one in the same! The choice is really in how you have heard it being said. Now, with that being said, an important distinction is that of LED signs, Neon Signs, and Digital Billboards. These are all different, and here's how.

Neon Signs
Neon sign with cursive writing spelling out Be Brilliant

Neon signs are static signs that are give off their effect by a tube filled with an inert gas which reacts with an electrical charge. These signs are not changeable, and are not programmable. They are good for a single message. Mens restroom, or a bar, a place featuring an ATM may have a Neon sign indicating such. These signs are cheap, bright, and one dimensional. They are also expensive in operating costs. Using up to twice as much electricity as an LED sign board.

LED Signs/LED Sign Boards
Ford LED Sign Board

LED Sign boards also known as LED signs are essentially advertising or marketing platforms built with LED diodes that unlike traditional incandescent light bulbs, are ultra bright and use less electricity to power. LED sign boards vary in sizes from the very small (1 foot by 2 foot), to the very large! (The large LED signs over Fremont street in Las Vegas, NV). LED signs contain little diodes, and those clusters of diodes is what creates images, text, scrolling text, moving pictures and much more! LED Sign boards have been shown to be the most effective form of marketing, beating out even the much sought after word-of-mouth marketing. They are much more effective in terms of adverting dollar spent than even television and radio.

Digital Billboards
Digital Billboard of Virgin Airlines over a freeway

Digital billboards are the class of LED sign boards that are usually rented out by multiple companies to show their message to traffic both foot, and motor. You may have seen this large digital billboards over very busy streets, in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Although these behemoth LED signs are rented out by companies for a set duration. MEGA LED Technology can create your very own digital billboards, like the ones found here.

We have categorized our LED sign boards into several types:

    Alpha LED Sign Boards
    LED Sign board of a Marijuana Dispensary
  • Alpha LED sign boards are great for anything from churches, to schools, to business. They tend to do great in large open spaces, where they are clearly visible.

  • Omega Monument Signs
    Providence Baptist Church Monument Sign
  • Omega is our newest line of monument signs. Running the full gambit from cabinet, to LED sign, to logo on top, or any configuration of your choice

  • Premier Outdoor LED signs
    Donut Connection Outdoor LED sign
  • Premier is a customizable Outdoor LED sign, perfect for the Entrepreneur who knows that large custom sized signs cultivated for their specific business is the way to go. These signs are great for large distances, like over freeways, or long front entrances.

  • SMD Indoor Stage LED's
    Large Indoor Stage LED showing a pastor in the background
  • SMD are our line of programmable Stage LED signs, great for indoor assemblies, congregations, and presentations!

  • Versa Scrolling LED signs
    Three Scrolling LED signs with QWERTY remote
  • Versa LED scrolling signs are the most versatile of our signs. Perfect for small to medium sized businesses on a budget! Have a simple one line scrolling display showing off sales, or inform the public where to park.

To know what type of LED sign would work best for your business there are several things you should first consider:

  • Will your sign be an outdoor or indoor sign?
  • What will be the purpose of your sign? Will it be purely informational, or will you offer special promotions that will change weekly, monthly, or seasonally?
  • How much room do you have for your sign? Will your sign be approved by the city in terms of building code?
  • What sort of features do you want your sign to have? Do you want a single color scrolling sign, or a double-sided? Will you need multiple signs?
  • What is your intended viewing distance?
  • Diagram depicting optimal viewing distance for an LED sign board

If you'd like professional help in any of these aspects, or you are unsure what sign you will need, don't worry! Fill out the free request a quote form, and place ANY questions there. A knowledgeable representative will answer any of your questions with absolutely no sales pressure!

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LED Message Board FAQ’s

An LED message board is an electronic display system that consists of several panels or modules that contain varying amounts of LED’s integrated with them. LED’s are light emitting diodes that display colors in the RGB (red, green, and blue) spectrum. These LED message boards mix the wavelengths in such a way as to create all the colors on the visible light spectrum including, purple, yellow, orange, black and white.

Since these display boards are modules that can be fit together, this allows the LED message board to be built to any size you wish. Whether you want a small scrolling LED sign for your shops window, to a large church sign welcoming your congregation back, to a large video wall that can be used at trade shows or giant sporting events.

LED message boards are a one stop shop for a variety of marketing needs, and incidentally has the best ROI of ANY form of advertising.

Versa Scrolling Window Sign features
Periodic table of the Elements with key

LED’s are tiny semiconductors that emit a light when an electric current is passed through it. The materials that the semi-conductors are made up of are made up of elements from group 3 and 5 of the periodic table. The three main materials used in the semi-conductors are:

  • InGan – (Indium, Gallium and Nitrogen) produces the blue, green and violet colors. These colors are usually high in brightness due the wavelength.
  • AlGaInP – Aluminum, Gallium, Indium, and Phosphorus – Produces yellow, and orange highlights.
  • AlGaAs – Aluminum, Gallium, Arsenic – Produces reds and infrareds (heat).

LED message boards, as stated earlier are comprised of a few half dozen to several dozen modules, each containing a certain amount of LED (light emitting diodes) lights. Measuring the distance between each led light is called the pitch. More spread out lights are cheaper, but also have the benefit of being cheaper, and seen from further away. Usually signs with 20 mm pitch are good as highway billboards to attract cars from great distances, while lower 10mm pitch is great for high quality trade shows, or intimate school and church signs.

These LED message boards are controlled by easy to use software that interprets the message you want to display on your sign boards, and sends the LED lights the corresponding algorithm to make them light up, display your message, and change their timing accordingly.

LED diode displaying different colors
Harbor View School Sign

Our alpha LED message boards are rated to last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours or anywhere between 11 and 22 years, depending on use. An LED message board that is rated for 50,000 hours is expected to run 10 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for a whopping 20 years! If you double that time and have a message board running 24/7, you can easily expect it to last for 13 years! No other ROI is as robust, as an LED sign board!

As a point of pride, some of our message boards are still going strong today, nearly 16 years after installation! In fact, our oldest sign was created in 2004 and is still in use today! Harbor view school was one of the first projects MEGA has installed, you can find it here.

LED message boards can be used by anyone with anything to offer, whether it be a service, like a massage parlor, a dentistry clinic, computer repair service, or even the word of God in a church, mosque or synagogue. LED message boards have a very high audience capture, and there’s no need to do market research or market acquisition research. Anyone that passes by your place of business or building is a potential customer or clientele.

Stor It Self Storage LED Sign Board
LED Sign boards | Auto Expert

Essentially, LED message boards and LED sign boards are one in the same and are interchangeable. We’ve included both in this FAQ due to how consumers search for the topic.

LED message boards are an investment but are the best investment you can make in the current market. In fact, out of all forms of advertising including PPC advertising, Influencers, Newspaper, Television, Radio, Phone book, and even Word of Mouth, LED message boards have the highest return on investment!

On average however with the stand, the mounting, the LED sign board, software, and installation. The investment can run anywhere from around 8,000 to upwards of 20,000, depending on the customization that you choose, the size, the amount if displays, and other factors that come into play.

The best way to find out the perfect LED sign board for your specific needs, is to reach out to us!

Lifestyle First Assembly of God Church Sign
Alpha LED sign boards features

LED message boards are a useful marketing tool that can attract potential customers to your location by way of offering deals, prizes, promotions, or other incentives to scoop up foot traffic. It’s an easy, low cost way of conveying your message to a wide variety of individuals, instead of researching who your target audience is, and targeting a campaign specifically for them.

Although target audience research is important, and can be seen as another form of marketing in terms of getting your message across. LED message boards are more like a large fish net however. Sometimes you throw a marketing net, and find new customers you would not have thought to target. An elderly couple who wishes to stay young and healthy may see your Yoga studio sign and give you a call or pay you a visit.

A down on his luck young man can see a church sign and decide to come in and talk. A CEO who has a broken laptop, sees your message board, and tries his luck with your computer repair business. The opportunities to cast a wider net are infinitely more lucrative when it comes to LED message boards.

Although every business is different, and there is no guarantee with any form of marketing campaigns. Having an LED message board is statistically the best form of marketing you can employ for your business in 2020. Some amazing statistics include:

  • 60% of your customers will see your LED sign Boards.
  • 70% of the public passing through your region will see your LED sign boards.
  • LED message boards can increase your brand awareness by as much as 86%!
  • Indoor Message boards can make waiting in line easier, and perceived wait times to be moving faster than they really are.
  • Your LED message boards can increase your yearly revenue by 30% in its first year!
  • LED message boards have been found to be the most effective form of advertisement, especially for small business owners.
Digital Signs for shopping and marketing
Pastor in front of Large Video Wall giving a sermon

While there is no definite answer to this question, as every business is different. Usually one sign will work for a small business like a computer repair shop, yoga studio, or coffee house. Two or more signs can be beneficial to medium sized business, as one can draw customers into the location, another indoor display board can help them navigate the goings on in the facility.

Feel free to speak to one of our representatives about your unique business situation, and how many LED message boards you may want to use. We will never try to haggle with you, price gouge you, or sell you something you do not need. Our first and foremost priority is to get you the answers you need to your Digital Display questions.

Great! Either fill out a free quote here, or call our toll free phone number and ask to speak to one of our LED message boards representatives. They will help you in understanding zoning, permits, legality, the construction of your signs, your color options, base, type of configuration, pixel preference, and much more! The sky is your limit, let us help you in achieving your company goals with LED message boards.

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Update your old outdated LED Sign Boards to a modern, new Digital Sign Board!

St Joseph Parish Before Church LED signs St Joseph Parish Church Sign After
St Joseph Parish Church. Before and After.
Harvest Fellowship Before LED sign Harvest Fellowship church LED sign
Harvest Fellowship. Before and After
First Methodist Church Sign before First Methodist Church Sign After
First Methodist Church. Before and After
Capital City Church Sign Before Capital City Church Sign After
Capital City Church. Before and After

Alpha LED sign boards features

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JOHN LEHNE (Facilities Director, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

“We are very happy with our Mega LED display! Since it was installed we have found it to be a very effective tool in communicating our programs and upcoming special events. The sign is meeting our needs.”

GREG EDWARDS (Farmers Insurance, Pennsylvania)

“We recently purchased a MEGA sign and I couldn’t be more happy. It arrived quickly and the installation was quick and easy. Programming the sign was even easier, especially after contacting MEGA’s technical support.”

SYLVIA SMITH (Director of Marketing – IOWA)

“We’ve loved working with MEGA. Both their product and support have been top-notch. The product is everything we hoped for and more: bright, eye-catching, and perfect for our business. They have helped us every step of the way too. Best of all, it’s increasing our business!”

Greg Edwards LED Sign testimonial

ROGER SIMMONS (Sun-glass Shop – California)

“I love the Digital Sign Board sign we put up outside our store. It’s bright, represents our brand perfectly, and catches everyone’s attention. We have already had many compliments about how good the sign looks. Our business has seen a significant increase in foot traffic as a result which has impacted the bottom line in a big way.”

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