Omega Monument Signs 1 Monument Signs are highly visible, sophisticated, can capture your brands aesthetic

The benefits of Monument Signs

  • Omega Monument Signs 2Great for Business, Schools or Churches
  • Omega Monument Signs 2Improve your visibility
  • Omega Monument Signs 2Enhance your marketing power
  • Omega Monument Signs 2Improves your ability to deliver your message
  • Omega Monument Signs 2Highly Customizable
  • Omega Monument Signs 7Energy Efficient
  • Omega Monument Signs 2Memorable
  • Omega Monument Signs 2Practical

The Difference is Mega

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OMEGA Monument Signs I.D. Cabinet

I.D. Cabinet



OMEGA Monument Signs LED Display

LED Display



OMEGA Monument Signs Base

Choose your Base



Choose one of our cabinet styles, or contact us for a completely customized one!

Omega Monument signs Cabinet Options

Some of our OMEGA Monument Signs

First Insurance Agency Omega Monument Sign

First Insurance Agency Omega Monument Sign

Corleons Bar and Grill Monument Sign

Corleons Bar and Grill Monument Signs

John Paul Catholic School Monument Sign

John Paul Catholic Church Monument Signs

Hamdan Quality Roofing Monument Sign

Hamdan Quality Roofing Monument Signs

All American Self Storage Monument Sign

All American Self Storage Monument Sign

Rodman Street Baptist Church Omega Monument Sign

Rodman Street Baptist Church Omega Monument Sign

Faith Heights Church LED Monument Sign

Faith Heights Church Monument Sign

Reigning Church LED Monument Sign

Reigning Glory Monument Sign

Point Pleasant Baptist Church Monument Sign

Point Pleasant Baptist Monument Church Sign

Splash & Sparkle Car Wash Monument Sign

Splash and Sparke Omega Monument Sign

Faith Heights Church Monument Sign Outside

Faith Heights Church Monument Sign for outdoors

Wahluke School

Wahluke School Sign

Mecklenburg School Monument Sign

Mecklenburg Public School Sign

The Dental Experience Monument Sign

The Dental Experience Monument Sign

Digital Monument Signs FAQ

Faith Heights Church Monument Sign for outdoors

Order your LED signs in any square or rectangular size you like, but for the most impact consider Omega monument signs. Perfect for high traffic areas, your main entrance, church entrances, schools, and courtyards.

With countless customizable and decorative features, you can brand your sign to make it your own. Here are our most frequently asked questions, but if you don’t find your answer—reach out to us directly! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Digital Monument Signs.

Omega is our brand of monuments signs are that is a combination of Digital LED screens, custom monument bases, and an optional third tier. They can be dual-layer signs with a backlit logo sign/custom ID cabinet, layered over a HD digital message board. Or you could layer two HD message boards. These signs can be made completely custom and can be any size, height, or width, with any combination of LED screens.

Most monument signs are oversized but smaller than a billboard. However, they can be small to midsized depending on your needs. They can even be larger than that! Our best example of this, is the NASA countdown clock we installed, for the Florida Space Center!

Cabrillo Monument Sign in California
Omega Monument Signs Types of Cabinets for FAQ

Your ID cabinet/logo sign is LED backlit. Choose from 8 different sign shapes: a standard rectangle or square, slope, rounded, polygon, peak, or roof, push through, channel lettering, and more. Your final decision is a background and logo color, which comes in any color you wish. We even have a full time design team on board to help you with your project. From the size and shape of your sign, down to the hex color.

Your monument sign is built to last. The ID cabinet is made from Lexan. Lexan is an acrylic-plexiglass plastic that is 50 times stronger than average outdoor signs. It’s the same material used for bulletproof glass. Not only is your sign ultra-durable, but it is vandal and graffiti-proof.

Omega Monument Sign being hit by a wrecking ball
Casino Welcome Bonus Monument Sign

Not only is your sign durable, but it is built to last 11 years/100,000 hours. Some signs with proper care, can last 20+ years! In fact Digital Signs have the best return on investment than any other method of marketing medium! Check out our ROI chart here.

Annual inspections maximize the lifecycle of your sign, so hire a local LED tech to check the connectors, components, and hardware on an annual basis. They will also clean the interior every few years and perform as-needed repairs. Keeping your sign in top shape will increase its life expectancy.

No! Many of our clients choose signs that are the same square or rectangular shape and the same width, but they don’t have to be the same size. Maybe a larger logo sign and smaller message board, or vice versa. Or your logo sign could be a horizontal rectangle and your message board could be a vertical rectangle. Our design team can even help you come up with your ideal design before we start the manufacturing process! Just reach out to us here.

St Paul Church LED Sign Board
OMEGA Monument Signs Base

Your monument LED sign will be mounted on a decorative brick, aluminum, or steel base. The size of your sign plays a contributing factor to how it can be mounted.

Brick bases come in a variety of decorative formations. Standard squares, rectangles, or columns are the most popular choices. Oversized brick bases can be 18 feet off the ground and must be at least 76 feet wide. You can go smaller if your sign is small to midsized. The brick can match or contrast your building and you can add your address numbers to the base.

Aluminum pedestals and wide bases are sleek and stylish and can be either a few feet or several feet wide depending on size and mounting height. You can add text or your address number to your aluminum base.

Steel poles are required for signs mounted at 40, 48, 60, 72, 84 (or anywhere in between) feet off the ground. They aren’t as decorative, but they obstruct view less than brick and aluminum bases, and are a cheaper option. You can also work with our design team, to create a completely custom sign.

Be sure to check your lease and with local ordinances before you order any outdoor signage to see if any permits are required or guidelines are in place. Speak with one of our representatives about the legality regarding your signs positioning.

Your ID cabinet can be designed with your precise logo colors in mind, or we can create a completely custom look. White is the most popular background color for logo signs, but you can choose from 80 pre-set colors to ensure your logo pops.

The frame and base can be painted in 80 different colors to match or contrast with your logo sign, but natural black, white, silver, blue, and gray are the most popular color choices.

Your LED message board comes in a standard black, similar to a flatscreen TV, but has the benefit of being easily programmable, weather and vandal resistant, and will last much longer than the standard flatscreen TV.

Multiple Hex Colors for Digital School Signs
Optimal viewing distance for an LED sign board

Your Omega monument sign will be visible from at least 200 feet away. For increased visibility and clarity, choose from 6, 10, or 15-millimeter pitch. The smaller the pitch the clearer the messaging, images, and video. The size of your sign and the individual design also play a role in how easy it is to view from a distance. Our friends at NASA needed a countdown clock that could be visible from nearly a half a mile away! So we delivered.

Your new monument LED sign comes standard with scheduling software that empowers you to change or update your signs from anywhere. This includes adding or removing messages, adjusting the rotation, setting how long to display each message, and scheduling when to post each ad. Preschedule a different message and ad rotation at different times of the day or different days of the week.

For example, your church can welcome your congregation at the beginning of each service. Your school can post schedule reminders for daily activities during drop off. Your restaurant can post different images and ads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you are confused on how to engage people, do not worry! We will help you create your first few messages and teach you create future messages yourself. All you have to do is schedule our absolutely free training here.

Programming your Outdoor Church Signs
Hiring an LED Church Signs Designer

Although the LED signs software is easy to use. We understand time constraints, and inaccessibility can hinder you from changing your message, especially if you wish to change it daily. If you already have a designer, check to see if they also provide digital display design. Keep in mind, digital display design is different than print design! The increased size and scale as well as the ability to post HD images and videos, motion graphics, and special effects are optimized with a digital designer.

Yes! We’ve designed signs for clients in every climate and condition in the US and Canada. Our signs are weatherproof, and temperature tested to operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 160 degrees. This includes full function in rain, snow, ice, dry heat, and humidity.

Frozen Landscape | Monument Sign integrity
Energy efficient image of a city

Your monument signs will support your green initiatives. It’s 30% more energy-efficient than fluorescent and incandescent signs. Saving you energy costs, and adding to your marketing ability! Digital Signs truly are one of the best ways to save money, and increase brand awareness, all for a one-time price of purchasing your digital sign!

Omega Monument Sign Detail

What are Omega Monument Signs?

Faith Heights LED church sign

Omega is our newest line of outdoor Monument signs. More than just a digital sign, you can create a stylized layered look by adding your logo on top of your LED display and choose a decorative base. Or, layer 2 LED displays on top of your decorative base. There are many options to choose from, so consider what works best with your logo and branding. You can even add your street number to your base!

This layered look is more cohesive and stylized than a solo LED display. These programmable Monument signs are a top choice for churches, schools, restaurants, bars, and businesses across a variety of industries. Place in high traffic areas, at the entrance of your parking lot, or strategically within your grounds, parking lot, or campuses.

Digital Monument Signs From The Top Down

Top Layer—ID Cabinets

Let’s first begin with the top layer of your new outdoor sign. For a branded and decorative effect, most of our customers choose a Cabinet. These are an LED back-lit logo sign made from Lexan. Lexan is an acrylic-plexiglass plastic blend that is 50 times stronger than your average back-lit logo sign. It’s so tough and durable that it is even used for bulletproof glass. We also guarantee that our signs are vandal and graffiti proof!

You have 7 different cabinet shapes to choose from, 5 of which come standard with durable vinyl lettering—2 of which have stylized lettering. In addition to the design aesthetic of your top layer, the size and shape of your logo and the graphics and text you want to display will help determine which cabinet is right for you.

While cabinets are a popular choice you could also place a second LED display on top.

OMEGA Monument Signs Standard Cabinet

Standard Cabinet Top

OMEGA Sloped Cabinet Monument Signs

Slope Cabinet Top

OMEGA Round Cabinet Monument Signs

Rounded Cabinet Style

OMEGA Monument Signs Polygon Cabinet

Polygon Cabinet Style

OMEGA Monument Signs Peak Top Cabinet Style

Peak Top Cabinet Style

Omega Monument signs Roof Top Cabinet Style

Roof-Top Cabinet Style

OMEGA Monument Signs Channel Lettering Cabinet Top

Channel Lettering Cabinet Top

OMEGA Monument Signs Push Through Letters

Push Through Letter Cabinet Style

The second layer of your sign is the LED display, the primary reason for choosing your new outdoor monument signs. If this is your first LED sign, you will be impressed with your programmable options. No more heading outside to switch out your sign text!

Just log in from any computer and update your sign message, graphics, photos, or videos. Alternate between a variety of signs, preschedule new displays, switch the displays by time of day, and more. The software is easy and intuitive, but you may need to hire an LED sign designer to ensure that your sign stands out.

Our digital monument signs are designed to be placed in areas with high foot or street traffic, and to be easy to view while people are driving or walking by. Yes, your sign will be easy to view from a distance—but since it is low to the ground the pixel pitch is lower than an elevated LED billboard sign.

We will help you choose between the high-resolution pixel pitch of 6mm, 10mm, and 16mm. The closer people will be to the sign the tighter (lower number) the pitch should be.

Bottom Layer — Decorative Base

Providence Baptist Church LED Monument Sign

The final layer of your sign is the base. We have 3 durable options to choose from: brick, aluminum, or a steel pole mount. Each house the electrical components for your sign including the toggle switches. You can also add the street number of your church, school, or business to your brick or aluminum base.

Choose which base is right for you by either the exterior of your building or your decorative branding. Depending on where you want to place your new Omega sign, you may also require approval from your landlord or city. For example, you may prefer a brick base but may be musilimited to the steel pole mount to ensure compliance with local ordinances. Your base can be secured on grass or cement.

Brick Base — we can mount on a solid brick base, which is wide so it will obstruct the view of what is directly behind it. For a less obstructed view you can also mount to brick columns.

Aluminum Base — aluminum is sleek and stylish. Choose from a base that is the full width of your signs, or a bit thinner for a less obstructive view.

Pole Mounted Base — steel poles are a common base for outdoor signs of every kind. Not only are they versatile, but they blend in the most and have the least obstructed view.

Finishing Touches — Frame Color

Your cabinet, LED sign, and aluminum or steel pole can be framed and mounted in a variety of colors. Black, white, silver, blue, and grey are neutrals that will work for almost any display, but you must also consider your logo colors. Maybe paint to match your logo or choose a color that will contrast with your logo or cabinet background, such as red to contrast with white. The choice is yours, but the color choice is a finishing touch that really makes your sign feel special.

Reach Out Today To Design Your Custom Sign!

We know, there is a lot to consider and we are here to help. The MEGA LED Technology team has helped thousands of businesses, churches, and schools across the nation design their perfect digital monument signs, and we will be happy to help you!

Just let us know what your goals are, and we will walk you through your best options. We also have a large portfolio of signs to help you better understand the look and feel of the finished sign. Reach out today to get started!

Download your FREE OMEGA Monument signs PDF

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See what MEGA Sign Customers are saying about their product!

Omega Monument Signs 26

JOHN LEHNE (Facilities Director, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library)

“We are very happy with our Mega LED display! Since it was installed we have found it to be a very effective tool in communicating our programs and upcoming special events. The sign is meeting our needs.”

Omega Monument Signs 27

GREG EDWARDS (Farmers Insurance, Pennsylvania)

“We recently purchased a MEGA sign and I couldn’t be more happy. It arrived quickly and the installation was quick and easy. Programming the sign was even easier, especially after contacting MEGA’s technical support.”

Omega Monument Signs 28

SYLVIA SMITH (Director of Marketing, Iowa)

“We’ve loved working with MEGA. Both their product and support have been top-notch. The product is everything we hoped for and more: bright, eye-catching and perfect for our business. They have helped us every step of the way too. Best of all, it’s increasing our business!”

Omega Monument Signs 29

ROGER SIMMONS (Sun-glass Shop – California)

“I love the LED sign we put up outside our store. It’s bright, represents our brand perfectly, and catches everyone’s attention. We have already had many compliments about how good the sign looks. Our business has seen a significant increase in foot traffic as a result which has impacted the bottom line in a big way. “

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