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Commercial signs 101 - Some Amazing statistics about Commercial Signs

There’s more compelling evidence for owning a commercial signs for your business than “they look cool.”

(Even though that’s true.)

Commercial Signs have quietly become a major marketing game-changer, but until recently people didn’t have any real data on why they’re so effective.

Well, we have the digital signage benefit statistics now—ten major findings over the past few years by LED sign manufacturers, business owners and independent studies—on just how effective commercial signs advertising actually is.

First, let’s start with the most critical aspect of commercial signs advertising…

1. Upwards of 60% of your customers will actually see commercial signs.

The fact of the matter is, LED commercial signs are incredibly eye-catching compared to traditional print ads and even Internet campaigns.

Think of how many newspaper ads you probably glossed over because they didn’t grab your attention. Think of all the Internet pop-ups you’ve ignored because you were too busy.

LED sign advertising is different.

For example, consider roadside displays meant to grab attention and pull customers into your store. Your target audience—local drivers—aren’t “busy” in the same sense as a web surfer. Your advertisement isn’t seen as a nuisance. They can’t click out of a window or turn the page; for a brief, vital moment, your organization is front and center.

And instead of wasting precious moments of their time like a 30-second TV spot, digital sign advertising on Commercial Signs,  gets your message across almost in the blink of an eye.

That’s why a remarkable 63% of people actually notice Commercial Signs —and without being noticed, you might as well not advertise at all.

2. Not only that, but LED displays reach 70% of the public.

Yes, over 60% of customers acknowledge that these kinds of displays catch their attention—which is great!

But another related study of digital signage benefit statistics found that the reach of LED sign advertising goes beyond simply grabbing attention. In fact, LED sign advertising winds up reaching 70% of the general public, compared to a “measly” 45% for Facebook.

That’s right—LED advertisement reaches more relevant customers than the largest social network on the planet.

3. LED ads greatly increase brand awareness—to the tune of 86%.

A UK study found that almost 90% of retailers considered Commercial Signs advertising essential for increasing their brand’s awareness in-store.

Commercial Signs can be updated effortlessly, allowing for seamless message customization. Unlike traditional in-store displays, which customers tend to “tune out” after repeated exposure, LEDs are quickly becoming the face of many stores and businesses.

4. Commercial signs make waiting easier for customers.

Commercial signs’ benefits statistics have found that customers viewing displays while waiting in line actually perceived time to be moving faster, meaning they were less likely to get frustrated by long waits.

These displays act as digital ambassadors, reassuring your customers that they matter—and letting them refocus their attention while they wait or browse.

5. Commercial Signs ratchet up sales volume by more than 30%.

LEDs streamline the shopping experience, from storefront to checkout. Companies using digital signs both within and outside their business report increased sales volume due to relief of frustration and more efficient up-sells and cross-sells.

6. More than 40% of shoppers would rather visit stores with LED sign advertising.

Yes, just having Commercial Signs advertising can give your organization an edge with roughly 42% of visitors.

Commercial signs are both informative and entertaining for your customers. Compared to other businesses with flat, static displays and advertisements, the advantage of dynamic and engaging LED’s is clear.

7. Almost 30% of customers find unconventional menus to be a factor when ordering food.

Commercial Signs displays allow restaurants to instantly adapt their menus to show seasonal, daily or hourly specials, such as menu changes during lunch and dinner service.

Crisp, clear displays eliminate confusion when ordering and help show off individual items to hungry customers.

8. Commercial Signs maximize customer engagement at the point of sale.

More than half—60%, in fact—of buying decisions are made at the point of sale. Commercial signs displaying essential benefits and product information helps seal the deal with those still on the fence…all in a way that’s more effective and engaging than traditional sales methods.

LED sign advertising is just better at creating emotion in potential buyers.

9. Commercial signs blur the line between digital and physical advertisement.

One of the main reasons why commercial signs are such powerful forms of advertisement is that they straddle the gap between traditional and modern marketing—between print and online catalogs, between Yellow Pages ad and Google ad.

Commercial Signs advertising can be used to draw people into your business, list product features, play in-store advertisements, deliver news about your organization…the possibilities are endless. It’s this flexibility that drives their popularity, and why these types of signs aren’t going away any time soon.

10.Commercial signs are often the most cost-effective form of advertisement—especially for small business owners.

The US Small Business Administration says that “Commercial Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business.”

And that’s because small business owners using displays often see an increase in business between 15 and 150%. No other form of advertisement—from newspapers to radio to the Internet—offers the potential ROI of a solid LED sign.

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Return on Investment in percentages

Custom LED signs help your business ROI

This graph illustrates the Return on Investment by different forms of advertising. As you can see commercial signs, surpasses even Word of Mouth, in terms of effectiveness. Although word of mouth will not cost you much, commercial signs can still have a higher yield than the most sought after form of advertising.

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