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10 Reasons To Upgrade To LED Hotel Signs

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It doesn’t matter if you own or operate a luxury or budget hotel or motel, you require quality signage. Paper signs will always have their time and place, but digital signs provide you with the most versatility. Here are our top 10 reasons to upgrade to LED hotel signs.

1. General Exterior Signage

You already have general exterior signs, but your new LED alternatives will be far brighter, increasing visibility by multiple blocks in each direction. We like stacked signs, such as having a logo sign on top with either a scrolling or full display underneath. The bottom sign can share your room rates, vacancies, membership and discount clubs, your primary amenities like Wi-Fi, TVs in each room, swimming pool, room service, and more.

2. Welcome Guests And Event Attendees

If your hotel is hosting a seminar or event use both your exterior and lobby signs to welcome event guests. Some of these guests will stay in your hotel too while some will only come for the event. Either way, you want to create a welcoming environment. The lobby and interior signs can include event-specific information such as what rooms the meetings are being held in, the event schedule, directions, event-only discounts and promotions, and more.

3. Digital Hotel Directories

If you operate a large hotel utilize your interior digital signs as a hotel directory. Be strategic in placement ensuring your signage supports the flow of guest movement, particularly upon arrival. This can include a full directory placed at the primary lobby letting guests know where to find amenities such as the pool, café, gym, spa, restaurants, business center, and more. If your parking structure is large and unattended you may benefit from digital signage in the garage as well.

4. Highlight Hotel Amenities

While your directory will share where to go to find your hotel amenities utilize at least a few of your digital hotel signs to highlight your amenities. This should include photos of your restaurant’s best dishes, guests lounging in the sun at the pool, watching a game at the sports bar, and a video or slideshow tour of your gym or spa. If your hotel has a business center, group areas besides the lounge, or caters to coworking digital nomads, share images of these shared spaces too. If you have a hotel app, you can walk guests through its benefits—such as how to use it to order room service or checkout. You can even post photos guests have shared to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Alternate through multiple images and graphics, and feel free to include client testimonials of each amenity.

5. Feature Art

While engagement and messaging are a top priority, you can also turn your signs into digital art displays. What makes this fun is that you can feature different art at different times of the day. This is also the perfect way to utilize signs when they are not in use. For example, signs you use in spots for meetings and special events can feature art when the event is over or when you don’t have any events in the hotel. Or offer these signs as places to post event-specific art displays.

6. Local News And Fun Facts

Many of your guests are traveling from out of the area so be sure to share helpful information on your signs. This could be the weather, time, local news, local events, area fun facts, tourist locations, nearby restaurants, what’s in walking distance, some of the best restaurants in town, and more. Your signs can also display emergency alerts, such as extreme weather alerts.

7. Essential Travel Information

Hotel Sign lobby information

People come and go from your hotel so provide them with essential travel information. This might include how to utilize public transportation, if your city has Uber or rideshares, and the nearest car rental location. If there are weather delays at the airport you can remind travelers to check their flight before they checkout of the hotel. If you have more drivers than flyers you can share driving safety tips for the local season and weather conditions. If you are in a large city you could provide city safety tips. If your city has extreme heat, humidity, or cold (even if it’s your norm, it’s not everyone’s) you can share weather tips. This could include a reminder that the gift shop sells sunscreen, to drink lots of water in the humidity, and where they can go to buy winter weather essentials if they are not adequately prepared.

8. Menu And Service Pricing

Even if you have traditional menus consider adding or transitioning to digital wall menus. There are many benefits to digital menus. They are fast and easy for your customers to read. It is easy and free to update the menu and pricing. The menu can include mouthwatering photos of your best sellers for each time of day. It can answer frequently asked questions regarding dietary meal substitutions and popular upsells. It can highlight sales and promotions. Think beyond your café, bar, or restaurant to utilizing digital signage for your spa, gift shop, and other service areas.

9. Advertisements

Your exterior and lobby signs can also be used to advertise hotel sales and promotions. This might be your nation or worldwide loyalty and rewards programs, hotel packages, spa specials, rates for renting your meeting rooms, and reminders that you host weddings and special events. You may also monetize your signs by posting strategic cross-promotions with nearby businesses or providing paid ad spots for local retailers or community events.

10. Green And Cost-Effective Signage Solutions

You already have printed and electronic signage throughout your hotel. In addition to having multiple signage solutions in one, your new signs are an energy-efficient option. They last up to 11 years and utilize 80 percent less energy than traditional fluorescent and incandescent signs. Unlike paper signs that are costly to print and replace, you can change your signage with easy and intuitive software—meaning you can update the frequency of sign changes.

Don’t forget that your new hotel signs can be ordered in custom sizes, from small to extra-large. Reach out to Mega LED Technology today to learn more!

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LED Signs Built Specifically for Hotels

All of our hotel LED signs are built with high quality components and attention to detail. Your guests are going to love the stunning LED display for years to come.

The Fastest Way To A Full House

More than any other industry, hotels thrive when they're packed with occupants. You've covered your bases with online listings and word-of-mouth, but what's the absolute best way to snag new customers right off the street?

Hotel LED signs. And here's why:

  • LED signs provide the highest visibility for your message-they're brighter, easier on the eyes and visible from longer distances than regular signboards;
  • Over time, your needs change and so will your LED display. They're completely programmable, meaning you can seamlessly switch between daily room specials or advertise your new-and-improved breakfast buffet;
  • High-quality digital displays go above and beyond the capabilities of traditional signs-wow your customers with full-color views of your pool, dining facilities or immaculate rooms and let your hotel speak for itself;

MEGA's LEDs are one of the best tools at your disposal for booking yourself solid.

Show Your Guests Exactly What They Want

Imagine you've been on the road all day, and it's time to hit the hay. What's going to grab your attention more:

A dingy old sign advertising clean rooms and free breakfast in block letters, or a stunning LED sign slide show of a spotless bed and a piping hot stack of pancakes?

And that's exactly what your future guests are going to think when they see your LED sign.


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