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Is It Easy to Keep Your LED Sign Safe? We Think So, and Here’s Why.

Is It Easy to Keep Your LED Sign Safe? We Think So, and Here’s Why.

So you own an outdoor LED sign? Or perhaps you want to get one? You’re surely aware of the benefits of it by now. LED signs are one of the most effective methods of driving traffic to a business, and owning one may revolutionize the way your company runs.

LED signs, like all electronics, should be treated with a certain amount of care. They’re an investment that will pay back, but you should be mindful of a few easy steps to ensure the effectiveness of your digital signs.

When it comes to outdoor usage of electronic displays, please consider the following things!


Basic screens are not designed to be read when it’s sunny out. As you surely want to let your potential customers see your sign even in daylight, you’re probably using a high brightness screen, also referred to as sunlight or daylight readable LED display.

Those displays were designed with the utmost visibility in mind, even under the conditions of extreme sunlight. They emit ultra-high levels of light (or luminance). Luminance measures how much luminous intensity emanates from a particular area. It also measures how much of that light is seen by the human eye at a particular angle.

Judging luminance is measures by nits or candelas per square meter. If your screen is to be visible and readable in direct sunlight, the luminance rating of your screen should be at least 2000 nits.

Number of screens

This one is something you will be able to calculate for yourself. Depending on your budget, the amount of space, and the permission to install digital screens or signs, you may be able to have more than one screen.

Staying safe from the elements

This one is important. Outdoor LED screens are extremely durable, much more so than television or any other electronics, but even they may not stand the test of really bad weather. The few factors that have a major impact on them are snow, rain, temperature and condensation.

The best way to keep your LED screen safe from the elements is to install an outdoor digital signage enclosure. They are not overly expensive, are known to be flexible, and require next to maintenance.

Enclosures will not hold you back from upgrading your screen. They are independent, so they do not restrict you in any way. If technology advances, you will be able to keep on top of it even when using an enclosure.

Protecting the screen

Digital signage is an investment – there’s no doubt about it. To protect your investment properly, no matter if your LED sign is going to be used indoors or outdoors, it’s important to consider how to keep it safe from theft and natural hazards.

If you are looking to purchase a consumer grade outdoor LED sign, the warranty may not cover damage if your screen was left unprotected. This is why for outdoor use, it’s best to go for commercial grade screens. Digital displays that are specifically designed for outdoor use come with a warranty.

Even if you know there is a warranty, check it for weather damage, vandalism, and sunlight.

How to pick between a consumer or commercial grade screen

It is true that commercial grade screens are more expensive – but they are worth the extra cost. They are designed to be continuously used outdoor, so they are prepared to withstand the elements and other causes that may damage the screen.

Commercial LED displays can be used for up to ~16 hours a day. They are great quality–better than consumer screens. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you MUST own a commercial grade screen, but they do have their perks.

When trying to choose between the two, consider the following:

Manufacturing quality

If your aim is short, low-cost advertising, a consumer screen will do. However, if you want something for the long run, commercial LED signs are manufactured to be long-lasting.


Consumer grade screens only come with a set of basic features. Commercial screens have their own support software & more. If you want something very versatile and flexible, go commercial.


Consumer screens have a thicker surrounding bezel at the bottom. If you want a screen that you can put on portrait mode, the bezels may look uneven and spoil your entire aesthetic. Commercial bezels are thinner and even.

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