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Why Digital Signs Are Essential for Any Business in Travel and Tourism

Why Digital Signs Are Essential for Any Business in Travel and Tourism

When it comes to boosting your reach and furthering your marketing goals, the benefits of using LED signs are almost too numerous to count. Digital signage has introduced new ways to provide your audiences with relevant and engaging information, and industries as diverse as retail and college universities have started embracing the power of LED signs.

Travel and tourism companies who adopt LED tech do so for a number of reasons, enabling them to better connect with customers and increase their bottom line.

And because LED signs can be updated so easily and frequently, they’re the perfect medium for your industry.

How Do Travel and Tourism Businesses Use LED Signs?

Here are just a few ways to utilize your new piece of digital signage hardware:

  • Wayfinding: LED signs can easily help tourists navigate to their destinations and help them explore local areas by showing them the most direct routes
  • News: Show weather, upcoming events and local news to tourists to help them make informed travel decisions
  • Promote local businesses: Help support local restaurants and shops by connecting travelers with the best options at their destinations

Who Should Use LED Signs?

That’s easy—pretty much anyone can gain benefit from using an LED sign.


Update flight schedules, display safety and emergency info, inform passengers of security restrictions, and display map information to shops, gates, terminals, etc.

Travel Agencies

Update your special offers, display current airfare rates, offer last minute getaways and promotions.

Trains and Subways
Offer info on pathfinding and avoiding confusing routes and inform passengers of the fastest, easiest ways to get from A to B.

Resorts and Hotels

Display unique offers, events and updates to your services and amenities while offering maps, videos and photos of your property and surrounding area.

Digital Signage Is Proven and Effective

Time and time again, digital signage is shown to be one of the most useful and cost-effective ways to advertise to both new and returning customers, no matter the industry. LED signs are eye-catching, attention-grabbing and continuously deliver ROI to your business for the life of your sign.

And to get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to choose one of the best manufacturers on the planet—that’s where MEGA comes in. Our indoor and outdoor LED signs will help your business interact better with customers, gain more visibility, and give you the power to compete in today’s cutthroat marketing world.

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