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Why Buy an LED Sign For Your Business?

Why Buy an LED Sign For Your Business?

LED signs—also called electronic message centers or digital signs—are revolutionizing the way businesses advertise and attract customers. Digital signs are one of the most effective and efficient advertising tools available today, and here’s why.

What is an LED Sign?

First of all, let’s cover exactly what is an LED sign.

LED signs are digital displays located on the premises of a business, organization, etc. Its role is to:

  • Advertise services and products
  • Promote sales
  • Announce events
  • Provide community information
  • Digital signage is programmable and customizable, making them a unique communications tool. Owners can change their sign’s messaging on the fly with no risk or physical labor, such as those involved with changing the letters on a traditional letterboard sign or billboard.

    Today, even basic models of LED signs can store and deliver multiple messages, provide custom scheduling features, and create attention-grabbing multimedia messages that blow static signs out of the water.

    LED signs are cost-effective and powerful, and are just what your business needs to gain an edge.

    How Are LED Signs Different from LED Billboards?

    Unlike LED signs, LED billboards are typically not found at a business’ physical location, but may be in places such as the side of a highway, similar to traditional billboards. This distinction might seem irrelevant, but billboards are regulated differently by federal, state and local governments.

    Why Should Someone Invest in an LED Sign?

      Are you looking for a more economical alternative to traditional advertising methods?
      Are you looking for a dynamic way to display time-sensitive messages to potential buyers?
      Are you looking for a sign that’s environmentally friendly?
      Are you looking for a sign that will visually establish your business as a landmark for pedestrians and motorists?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business would probably benefit from an LED sign. Our outdoor and indoor LED signs are just what you need to get an edge over the competition and start seeing immediate ROI. Advertising is an arms race, and digital signage is your secret weapon.

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