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What to Look for in an LED Sign Manufacturer

What to Look for in an LED Sign Manufacturer

Like every other industry, the LED industry is made up of myriad companies with totally different pros, cons and products. Manufacturer A might be one of the best sign makers for your neighbor’s business, but they could be a terrible choice for your business.

Companies, warranties, guarantees, products and results aren’t created equal. You’ll need to put in some work to figure out which one is the right fit. That means online research, looking at real-life results and demonstrations, and going with your gut feeling in your interactions with each company.

Uncovering the truth about each LED sign manufacturer is a process. You have to examine how each company reacts under pressure, whether they try to upsell you on products you don’t actually need, how quick they respond to your inquiries—these are all a big, big deal with such a huge investment.

The 9 Key Traits of Outstanding LED Manufacturers

No matter who you choose for your next LED display, here are a few outstanding character traits each manufacturer should possess before you pull the trigger:

1. They’re available and transparent when you call or email them, and you’re able to meet with their team face-to-face.

If it’s the middle of your peak business hours and your sign is on the fritz, you’ll be sweating bullets if your “customer service” team takes 24-72 hours to respond to questions.

2. Innovation and discovering new tech are at the forefront of their business plan.

Pushing the boundaries means bringing customers the cheapest, highest quality, most effective sales tools possible.

3. Their LED software is top of the line, powerful and easy to use.

You’ll be working with LED software a lot, and trust me—you’ll want it to be as easy as possible.

4. They understand that sign content is incredibly important, and makes it easy for you to run customized, creative messages on your sign.

Customized content is the key to LED selling success, so run the other way if a manufacturer doesn’t make personalization a top priority.

5. Your sales plan comes before their sales plan.

For dealers, it’s vital that the manufacturer won’t be cannibalizing sales from their partners’ coverage areas! Otherwise, you’re basically signing up for a high-tech pyramid scheme.

6. Their team is skilled and responsive.

Whether you need customized design, technical information, or anything in between, their team MUST know their products inside and out.

7. Your customized solutions—from LED signs to content—are rolled out ASAP, no excuses.

Customized material obviously takes a little longer to implement, but you’d be amazed that some companies take MONTHS where others take weeks or days.

8. Their warranty is lengthy and airtight.

That means NO LOOPHOLES for you. A dodgy warranty is usually a smokescreen for a poorly constructed sign, neither of which are good news for your business.

9. Their products are built for YOU.

That means educating your on the ins and outs of each bell and whistle on your new sign, making it simple to install the content you need, and educating you on LED sign best practices when it comes to advertising.

Don’t Settle

Competition is fierce in the LED industry, so you have absolutely no reason to settle for second-best. Ask questions, demand more. You deserve nothing less.

And it wasn’t always like that. In the Wild West days of LED signs, buyers were forced to choose from a handful of sparse options. By design, you were nearly always forced to choose sub-optimal manufacturer. But not anymore.

And remember, an LED sign is a major investment. It’s not like a restaurant, where you can have one bad meal and choose to never eat there again. Choosing an LED manufacturing partner who doesn’t respect and cherish your business relationship is a recipe for disaster.

Look for an LED sign manufacturer who possesses all 9 of the traits we talked about above. It might take a little longer than picking the first one you come across, but the results are totally worth it—a better warranty, quality parts, more ROI for your business, and peace of mind for the lifetime of your sign.

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