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What Exactly Is an LED Sign?

What Exactly Is an LED Sign?

Is it a TV? Is it a sign? Is it effective? Is it engaging? There are a lot of questions surrounding LED signs, and quite a few misconceptions, too. But to get the most out of your investment, it’s important to realize exactly what an LED sign is…and what it is not.

LED Signs Are A Source of Information

Your LED sign delivers messages and content in a brief, direct way. Drivers (and even pedestrians) have a ton to focus on, so making sure your LED sign’s messaging is both memorable and simple is the key to successful advertising.

Your sign has to capture attention instantaneously, so make every pixel count.

However, LED signs are NOT newspapers. You shouldn’t use your sign to rattle off every single announcement, message and current event from your company all at once.

LED Signs Are Dynamic

LED signs require new content on a regular basis in order to keep viewers hooked. Fresh content keeps your sign from becoming background noise, and it’s what you need to get fresh sets of eyes on your messaging.

Likewise, LED signs are NOT static posters. You can change your content, so you should change your content.

LED Signs Are NOT Televisions

People (thankfully) don’t watch your LED sign like they do there home television.

Rather, your viewers will be passing by at walking speed or flying by in their car. The key here is that your sign’s viewers are on the move—that means your content has to be readable by an audience that will rarely be stationary, meaning no distractions in your visuals or messaging.

LED Signs Are Interesting!

Yes, really! That’s why so many businesses are setting up their own LEDs—customers find them interesting, and are much more likely to notice your messaging on an LED signboard than a traditional sign.

You HAVE to make your content engaging, and you have a ton of tools at your disposal to do so—from videos to images to scrolling text and more.
Your LED can and will demand attention, but you have to start treating it like the special advertising medium that it is.

Embrace what makes your LED sign an LED sign, and get your message seen.

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