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Want to Boost Sales on a Budget? Give LED Signs a Shot.

Want to Boost Sales on a Budget? Give LED Signs a Shot.

It is nigh impossible to run a successful business, big or small, without advertising. If prospects don’t know about you, and past customers aren’t reminded of you, the sales process for your business doesn’t even start.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, how nice your brand is, or how great your customer service is. People buy what is advertised to them. That’s why worldwide advertising is a $500 billion market annually.

But even though advertising is a necessity for your business, that doesn’t mean every business needs to have a huge advertising budget. Outdoor signage has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI) of any advertising medium. That’s why it’s heartily endorsed by the Small Business Association.

But a top shelf electronic message board may be beyond the needs of a very small business, or a fresh startup that’s short on cash and bootstrapping.

MEGA Sign Inc. offers multiple affordable, yet very effective and great-looking LED signs, so any business can project its presence to traffic in its community and communicate its brand and message, whether that message is an announcement for a local school, a flash sale for a retail shop, or an inspirational quote for a church parish. In fact one of the most cost effective ways to restart the sputtering business is to boost sales with LED signs!

By taking advantage of our economy signs and deploying your sign content effectively to get results using a few smart marketing tactics, you can build your brand and drive traffic and sales to your establishment, including repeat and referral business, while keeping costs under control.

Get More ROI Out of Your Sign By Going Digital

Adding movement to your sign catches the eye and creates a sense of excitement in passerby, building interest and desire in prospective customers so that they are more likely to visit your establishment, or remember it when they are in need of your product or services.

The additional benefit of electronic sign boards is they are customizable and you can change your sign any time that suits your business at no additional cost.

Although the fixed cost of an initial investment in a digital sign is higher than purchasing a printed sign, the marginal cost of updating your sign is essentially $0. Your business gets a functionally infinite number of signs for one fixed price. For a new or small business, this is an incredibly cost-effective way to deploy your marketing to the street.

If you’re in a market with heavy competition, or have seasonally-based inventory, discounts, and specials, your business can’t afford not to invest in an LED sign to update it digitally at no additional cost and keep prospective customers informed and interested.

Use Your LED Sign to Build Relationships

“One horse” business operations have a distinct advantage here. Building a personal relationship with each customer and knowing how to serve their needs individually is possible for smaller businesses. You can leverage what you glean from these client relationships to retain existing customers and attract similar ones with your sign messaging.

Build Relationships to Leverage Your LED Sign

By treating each customer like they’re your only or most important customer, like they’re a VIP in your store, you can scale what you learn to make your digital sign content more effective. Personalization in store and online helps you create sign slides that really speak to the customer and not at them.

Reward Your Best Customers

Customer retention is well known to be significantly more cost-effective than customer acquisition. Augment your retention efforts through segmentation: Determine who your very best customers are. Usually the ones who spend the most with you are also the most pleasant to deal with. You want more of those. Offer specials just for them and advertise them on your electronic sign.

Ask For Reviews and Referrals

The streets are always watching, but don’t forsake social media and search engines. Ask your best customers to review you on Google, social media, and business rating websites. Ask for referral business as well. Use your LED sign to advertise a small incentive for customers that help you out in this way.

Advertise Surveys for Feedback

Make a survey to determine your customer’s pain points and dominant buying motivations, as well as what they like and/or don’t like about your business. Use your sign to encourage survey-taking by offering a small reward and directing patrons to your survey at: [YourBusiness].com/survey

Social Media, Social Media, Social Media

If you’re not taking social media seriously and posting content every day, you’re robbing yourself of the greatest business marketing opportunity in history. You can reach your market and target your best prospects at scale for free using social media. Focus on giving value here and not just selling.

Giving value on social media means make them laugh 1/3rd of the time, inform them 1/3rd of the time, and you can let them know how your product or special offer can help them 1/3rd of the time.

To boost your social media presence, do free prize giveaways on your social media accounts, or announce flash sales. Then use your LED sign to promote these offerings and prominently feature your social media handle.

Stretch Your Budget to Grow Your Budget

Using these smart marketing tactics, you can bootstrap a smaller budget to produce an outsized effect with your LED sign, your face to face point of contact with your customers, your web presence, and some “sweat equity.”

If you have a little bit of creative flair and like to enjoy growing your business, you can have a lot of fun putting these suggestions to work and Boost Sales with LED signs!

About MEGA Sign Inc.

MEGA Sign Inc builds its quality, durable, fantastic looking digital sign boards in Los Angeles California from domestic and imported parts.

If your business is on a budget, you’ll be interested to know about our 5 year parts and labor warranty, our price match guarantee, and our digital library of free customized LED sign board content and designs. You might also like saving money on your electricity costs with our mega energy efficient LED signs.

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