Versa Scrolling LED Signs 1 Scrolling Signs are highly customizable, versatile, and provides great visibility

The benefits of Scrolling Signs

  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Great for small businesses and startups
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Provides great visibility
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Provides unparalleld mobility
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Keeps the attention of passersby
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Highly Customizable
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 7Energy Efficient
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Long Lasting
  • Versa Scrolling LED Signs 2Practical
Versa Scrolling LED Signs 10

The Difference is Mega

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Versa Scrolling LED signs In-Action

Check out some of the ways VERSA scrolling message boards are being used by various organizations.

Cleaner Scrolling LED Window Sign
A Better Plumbing Programmable LED sign
St Croix Rods Scrolling LED sign on a custom mount
Templo Jerusalem Scrolling LED sign
Highway 3 Auto Clinic Scrolling LED sign
Murasaki Notebook Shop Scrolling LED sign
Grand American Buffet Restaurant Scrolling LED sign
Restaurant scrolling LED sign featuring wages per hour

Easy to Work With

Simple to install, easy to program, fast to get results. You're going to love VERSA.

QWERTY Remotes

Remote Programming

With VERSA’s 200-foot range remote control, crafting the perfect message couldn’t be easier. Make corrections and alterations on the fly from across the street, in your car, or relaxing at your desk and watch your Scrolling LED Signs change in real time. Plus, you get a full keyboard QWERTY remote standard or upgrade to our software controlled system. With scrolling LED displays, this feature is perfect for changing your message to the outside world on the go. Change it for when school is out, and then change it again for rush hour traffic. Marketing was never so easy before.

Easy to Use Software

VERSA’s software takes the pain and frustration out of programming your scrolling LED sign message. Where most sign software is an exercise in patience, VERSA makes it easy and even fun to craft your next killer sales message.

XM Player Express Software
Diagram installing an LED sign on a store window

Quick Installation

VERSA’s flexible mounting system lets you display your message wherever it’s most effective—hanging in your window, mounted on a wall, or even put it outside, it’s up to you. Plus, installation couldn’t be simpler. Hang it up, plug it in, and you’re ready to go!

Built to Last

VERSA is built with the future in mind, and that means using only the toughest, highest-quality parts we could find that make it perfect for indoor or outdoor uses.

Mean Well Power Supply

Meanwell power supply for LED signs

From the top power supply maker in the world, to power one of the best Scrolling LED Signs in the world.

Samsung CPU

Samsung PC for MEGA LED Signs

VERSA’s workhorse that keeps everything running smoothly—and quickly.

Aluminum Back Cover

Aluminum back cover for LED signs

Resists heat, resists corrosion, keeps your sign’s insides away from danger.

1/4 Duty Module

Heavy Duty LED sign internals

Keeps VERSA bright and visible at all hours, even high noon.

Extended Receiving Sensor

Extended LED sign receiver

Lets you update your sign remotely (and quickly).

Polycarbonate Grill

Polycarbonate mesh

The ultimate in strength and heat resistance.

Silicon Coating

Bucket of Silicon coating

Insulates and protects your LEDs from the elements so you can use it indoor or outdoor.

Light Weight Everything

Easy LED sign installation

Cabinet, electronics, LEDs—because nobody wants a beached whale hanging in their window.

Easy Installation

LED sign mounting brackets

You have better things to do than spending all day setting up a sign—like bringing in more customers.

Options to Fit Any Budget

Scrolling LED Signs starting at just $500, VERSA empowers just about any business or organization to experience the powerful effects of LED advertising.

Versa Scrolling LED Signs 12

Choose From 30, 26, 20, 15 MM

The smaller the number, the higher the resolution. Bigger pitch is better for further viewing distance, while small pitch is great for when customers get up close and personal with your sales message. Contact us for a free evaluation of what pitch, size, and what Scrolling LED Signs are right for you. We will never try to up-sell you.

Choose 1 Row or 2 Row

Sometimes your message needs a little more oomph, and an extra LED line is a great way to pack in the value and double the size of your indoor scrolling LED sign.

1 or 2 row scrolling LED signs
Variety of scrolling LED signs with remote

Choose Single Tri or Full Color

Monochrome is great, tricolor is fantastic, and full color is…well, mind-blowing. See for yourself and choose from a variety of options to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

Everything You Need To Know About Scrolling LED Signs

Your Sign Doesn’t Have To Scroll

Scrolling text is ideal when you want to share a short message. This could be your BOGO and sales items or relevant communication or safety messaging. When needed you can post a short and sweet static message. Or if not a static message, the message can flash or blink. Maybe something as simple as your holiday hours, daily special, or “20% OFF TODAY”.

With scrolling led signs, it could be as easy as pressing a few buttons on your controller and a pre-programmed message or text will show up on your scrolling led sign.

Small Signs Are Ready-Made

Mega LED Technologies takes great pride in the fact that our scrolling led signs are built from scratch to your precise size and specs. Due to the popularity and demand for small window signs, we have ready-made signs that we can ship to you ASAP. These signs are similar to what you see in convenience store windows with text that is at least 9.5 inches tall. You only have a few quick decisions to make, including the sign size and if you want single, tri, or full color. Red is one of the most popular colors for our ready-made signs. Our larger signs are built from scratch.

Mount Inside Or Outside

Windows are one of the most popular places to mount scrolling LED signs, but they are far from your only option. And your new sign is waterproof and built with the components required for either indoor or outdoor mounting!

  • Mount in the window
  • Hang from the ceiling
  • Mount on the wall
  • Mount it outside
  • Move it as needed

DIY Mounting

Our small signs are lightweight and have DIY mounting brackets built in. All you need is a drill, a level to ensure alignment, and a nearby standard 110-volt outlet. However, our larger text-only signs require professional mounting and may require a 120-volt outlet. To ease the purchasing process, we include mounting and installation in our quote. We can even build a custom base and a frame in any hex color you desire.

You Can Have Two Lines Of Text

Our smallest single-line signs can be viewed from up to 200 feet away and ordered with text that is:

  • 5 inches tall
  • 6 inches tall
  • 5 inches tall
  • 9 inches tall

If you have more to say, you can custom order your scrolling LED signs with two lines of text in the same measurements above. The size of your text isn’t the only factor to take into consideration, but also the resolution (pixel pitch) required for your desired viewing distance. For example, you may want your pole-mounted sign to be easy to read from up to 2 blocks away. Just let us know your needs and we will help you determine the text size and resolution.

You Can Post More Than Just Text

Keep things simple with a standard font or mix things up. Your sign is preprogrammed with 38 fonts, 32 special effects, and over 300 stored images and animations. For example, your sign can be programmed to have:

  • Text that flashes on and off
  • Text that spells out one letter at a time
  • Effects that look like rainfall in the background
  • Text that grows from small to large
  • Text that tilts from one side to the other
  • And more!

In terms of animations, you can choose from arrows, stars, geometric shapes, emojis, holiday and seasonal graphics, and more.

Pre-Program or Update In Real-Time

For ease and convenience, your new sign comes with a keyboard-style QWERTY remote that allows you to update the sign in real time from within 100 feet. The remote is easy to use and allows you to program text, special effects, and animations. It even allows you to program the text to be static or scrolling, and to adjust how quickly the text scrolls across the screen.

You can also adjust the brightness to 10 different levels to ensure easy viewing in bright sunlight, shade, and pitch black.

For a more proactive approach and to manage multiple scrolling LED signs at the same time, your sign also comes with intuitive software. The software allows you to perform the same functions as the keyboard, as well as upload new animations, and preschedule your messaging for the day or week.

Free Training, Lifetime Support, And A 3 Year Warranty

Your new remote and software are designed to be easy to use, but everything new takes time to learn. Not to worry, as we include a 25-minute free training session with your purchase. We want you to make the most of your sign, so if a question arises, we are never more than an email or phone call away. This includes ongoing software questions, lifetime support for technical questions, and a 3-year warranty.

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

Your new sign is easy to maintain. Just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth, and if needed, and an electronics-safe cleaning solution. Other than that, just have a local LED technician perform an annual inspection to check the components, connectors, hardware, and to perform as-needed repairs. For exterior signs, this will also include periodic internal cleaning—which is not safe to perform yourself.


Scrolling LED signs are an investment, but they are built to last. The average lifespan is 100,000 hours, which is approximately 11 years if left on 24 hours per day. They are also extremely durable and able to sustain hard hits with a baseball without cracking, shattering, or malfunctioning. Even if your sign is vandalized, it has a linoleum coating finish to ensure that graffiti washes right off.

Have Additional Questions?

If you would like to learn more about LED signs, just let us know! We have a large portfolio for inspiration and we provide pressure-free FREE quotes.

Want to know more about Scrolling LED Signs? Check out our Scrolling LED Signs FAQ section here.

10 Benefits of using VERSA Scrolling LED signs

Infographics Benefits of Scrolling LED signs

Reasons You're Going to Love your VERSA Scrolling LED Signs

VERSA might be our most affordable sign, but it's far from a “budget” option in terms of value.

Brighter than other Modules

Brigther LED Scrolling LED Signs


QWERTY remote keyboard

Built in Water Proof

LED sign Waterproof casing

Moving Messages, Images, & Effects

MEGA LED scrolling LED sign

Easily Change Scroll Speeds

Happy Hour Scrolling LED Signs

Versa Scrolling LED Signs are easy to Install (DIY)

LED mounting brackets

110 Volt Standard Electric Outlet

Hand plugging a wire into an outlet

10 Levels of Brightness

Red Green Blue LED bulbs closeup.

38 Character Functions, 32 Effects

Icon featuring special characters for a scrolling LED sign

Over 300 Stored Images and Animations

Icon featuring a variety of animations for scrolling LED signs

Messages in Single or Double Lines

Icon featuring one row or two row scrolling LED signs

3 Year Warranty and Free Tech Support

Mega 3 year warranty icon

Versa Scrolling LED Signs Warranty

Click following link to download Warranty information in PDF document.

Versa Warranty image
Valued customers image
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Subway Logo
USC Medical School Logo
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Quality Inn Logo
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