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Using Sign Videos and Animations

Using Sign Videos and Animations

Using videos and animations is one of the most powerful features of your new LED sign, and what gives you a huge edge over traditional billboards and signage. Moving advertisements and messages grab attention in a way that static signs just can’t.

Why Use Videos and Animations with Your LED Sign?

The multimedia capabilities of your LED sign can help a ton when it comes to refining and powering-up your advertising because:

  • Videos and animations support and amplify on-screen text
  • The combination of text and motion gives your sign a “broadcast quality” look and feel
  • Video allows you to display life-like visuals that really tap into the emotions of your buyers
  • There are also benefits for your viewers, too, since animations and videos:

  • Attract attention more easily than static text
  • Attract attention longer than static text
  • And most importantly, satisfy your customers’ demand for high-quality, dynamic content
  • LED Sign Video Usage Tips

    If you haven’t started already, it’s time to adopt video and animations into your LED sign marketing strategy—but don’t overdo it! Use these tips for maximum effectiveness:

  • You don’t need to animate every pixel of every screen of every ad
  • Moving text is sometimes difficult to read
  • It’s sometimes easier to draw attention to headlines by allowing them to blink several times, then remain static
  • It’s easy to grab attention with a pan over a static image, or a shot of a scene that moves ever so slightly
  • Individual animations/videos should be 15 seconds or less
  • Videos should have a smooth color gradient without too much detail
  • Message hold times should be 4-5 seconds long to ensure they don’t move too fast or too slow
  • It’s Time to Put Your LED Marketing Plan in Motion

    Customizing your sign’s content is a breeze when your sign happens to be made by MEGA. Our industry-leading indoor and outdoor LED signs make utilizing video for your ads a cinch. And with our easy-to-use software, you’ll be able to make powerful ads all on your own, with no professional help needed.

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