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Using LED School Sign Videos and Animations

Using LED School Sign Videos and Animations

Animations and videos are one of the most powerful features available with your new LED sign, and what gives this medium a big edge over traditional signs and billboards. Moving ads and messages grab attention in ways that static signs just can’t.

Why Use Videos and Animations with Your School LED Sign?

LED sign multimedia capabilities will help you out a ton when it comes to boosting your messaging because:

  • Animations and videos amplify and support on-screen text
  • The combination of motion and text gives your sign a “broadcast quality” feel
  • Video lets you display life-like visuals that will really tap into the emotions of your viewers

Of course, animations and videos also benefit your viewers because they:

  • Garner attention easier than static text
  • Hold attention longer than static text
  • Satisfy your viewers’ demand for dynamic, high-quality content

School LED Sign Video Usage Tips

If you haven’t started adopting animations and videos into your LED marketing strategy, it’s time to start. But don’t overdo it—use these tips for maximum messaging effectiveness:

  • You don’t have to shove animations into every pixel of every message
  • Excessive moving text is tough to read
  • Headlines that blink several times before becoming static are often better than purely static or moving headlines
  • Panning over a static image is a huge attention-grabber
  • Each individual video or animation should be 15 seconds or less
  • The color gradient of your videos should be smooth, and without too much detail
  • Set your message hold times to 4-5 seconds, ensuring they aren’t too slow or too fast

It’s Time to Put Your School LED Marketing Plan in Motion

Customizing your school sign’s content is a breeze when that sign happens to be made by us. MEGA’s industry-leading outdoor and indoor LED signs make adding motion to your ads and messages a cinch, no professional help needed.

When you’re ready to put your school or university’s next big plan into motion, Mega’s school LED signs are one of your best avenues to achieve success.

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