03 Nov

Two Digital Signage Content Blunders Killing Your ROI

Two Digital Signage Content Blunders Killing Your ROI

LED signs have been a marketing boon for brick and mortar businesses. Not only are they a more appealing marketing medium, but they bring all the benefits of the digital world to storefront signage.

The effectiveness of digital signs is well attested by the research of major business consultants as well as the sheer volume of LED sign sales. (It’s projected to be a $21 billion market by 2020.)

However the benefits of buying a digital sign for your business will not accrue if you make these two digital signage content blunders: too confusing and/or too annoying.

Too Confusing

When designing content for your LED sign, you must think like a content marketer. That’s easier than it sounds. It’s actually about simplifying, not making things more complicated.

You don’t have to go back to school for content marketing, or read a bunch of incomprehensible jargon online. It’s just a matter of sitting still for a minute and thinking about what you’re trying to do.

What is your goal for the sign? The content should be designed to accomplish one, simple, clear, and specific goal. Want the prospect to pick up the phone and make an appointment? To walk into your store? To check out your social media account on their phone?

The sign content should aim at that goal, not try to do everything at once. If your digital signage content overwhelms the prospect with information, they’ll get confused and won’t know what to do. They’ll ignore it, or forget it, or maybe even get a negative feeling that they will now associate with your brand!

That’s why confusing LED signs are an absolute content marketing blunder. Create sign content that is simple, easy to take in and understand at a glance, and that has a clear call to action. Tell them the one thing that will make them want to take action, and the one thing they need to know to do so.

Too Annoying

Some digital signage content marketers have opted to get attention by making their signs as obnoxious as humanly possible using a digital display. You may have seen such signs yourself when out and about, walking or driving around.

LED signs that are constantly flashing like a strobe light (and hurting people’s eyes to look at), signs that use every single color there is in a small amount of space (and look like ‘90s clip art), signs that use clashing colors that draw the eye (but look off key and terrible)– these are digital signage content blunders.

Those sign contents might get attention, but that doesn’t mean they’ll reflect well on your brand, or drive the results your business is looking for.

Annoying your potential customers, or even literally hurting their eyeballs, is not a business strategy that most proprietors would go for in any other medium. Don’t make that mistake with your digital signage content either. Keep it clean, tasteful, aesthetic, and appealing. Go for sign content designed to make people feel good.

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