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7 Digital Sign Design Hacks for a Massive Bump in ROI

7 Digital Sign Design Hacks for a Massive Bump in ROI

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the word, “art”?

It could be the works of famous painters, a beautiful sculpture you’ve recently seen, or even the bare beauty of untouched nature. Everything and everyone defines art their own way – so does technology. In these modern times, the best examples of art are often seen through animations and other forms of design.

Digital signs are the perfect example of the evolution of modern art. Art now reaches past the traditional medium of old and it has evolved to keep up with our era of digitalization. The concept of a sign is old, but modern marketing techniques, combined with digital signage, have truly taken it to a new level.

Do you have to be a marketing master AND an artist to create a visually appealing digital sign that will speak for your brand and draw in customers? The answer is NO! All you need are these few simple steps that we have prepared for you.

Read on to find out how to design a digital LED sign that will truly stand out.

1. Start with research

Without research, you will not know what sign or digital billboard is going to drive the most traffic to your business. One of the things to keep in mind will be brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are rules in regards to the color scheme, the font, the size, and a variety of other things that affect your digital sign. If your business does not currently have a dedicated brand guideline or color scheme, we highly recommend that you create one. It doesn’t take long, it’s actually pretty fun to do, and it’s going to be useful in the future.

2. Make an outline

Using a content matrix, prepare an outline of each and every screen. Decide what goes where, how it all looks together, and whether there’s anything you’d like to change. This is a crucial step that will truly take your sign to the next level.

3. Brainstorm!

This is the best part of creation – throwing ideas around, researching what other people have done, and discussing what you’ve found with others. Whether you’re doing this on your own or with someone else, write down each and every idea that pops into your head.

4. Decide on fonts

Now that your outline is ready, it’s time to think about fonts and typefaces. Commonly used fonts, especially for headers, are those of the Sans Serif family. They can easily be paired with a different Serif font for the body.

5. Use colors

Using too much color, or worse – using colors that are contrasting – can be quite overwhelming to your audience. When using colors, remember that very deep and neon-y shades are hard on the eyes.

Use colors when you need to – to draw attention to a specific part of your sign. And if you’re coloring the whole text, make sure that it’s easy to read.

6. Put yourself in the shoes of an observer

Viewing distance is much more important than you think. Your LED sign is going to look different from up close than it looks from a distance. A font that is the height of one inch will be visible from up to 25 feet to a non-visually impaired person.

Consider where your potential customers will be standing when they see your sign, and adjust the font size to that.

7. Compile everything and present

This last step is perhaps the most important one. Write down everything, gather it all, polish your outline, and ask someone for feedback. Have you explored each and every idea to the level that you wanted to? Ask others what they think of your sign, and do not be afraid of criticism. This is going to be the driving force behind customers visiting your business – it’s good to consider each and every angle!

Use Photoshop or a different image editor and finalize your mockups for your LED sign. Once your idea is complete, you can start reaping the benefits of a successful & beautiful digital sign!

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