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The MEGA Partner Program and You

The MEGA Partner Program and You

Nothing can damage your reputation as a LED sign dealer more than pushing bargain-bin LED signs from parts unknown. In the short term, these dealers might see a minor boost in sales as they flip those signs for a pretty penny, but what’s the damage in the long run?

You guessed it—a flood of complaints from previously happy buyers, returns, bad reviews, astronomical wait times for maintenance (which lead to more customer frustration), and eventually…

Well, no more business.

Cheap is as cheap does, but some folks are so shortsighted they’d rather risk damaging their most important relationship—the one they have with customers—over a few bucks.

It might as well be a few bucks, anyway. The harm done to your brand by destroying consumer trust is priceless.

Dealers have to get it out of their heads. You can’t be a successful AND sustainable business while steadily eroding customer trust. It’s just impossible.

Give Your Customers the Best

So how do we win over enthusiastic, repeat buyers?

Buy selling a product we can be proud of, that’s how.

If we’re both on the same page, it’s time you joined the MEGA family and started stocking our Premier LED signs.

Becoming a MEGA partner means we’re on the same team—the winning team. We bend over backwards to make sure your business is a success, because ultimately we can’t be successful unless you are first.

And what does that entail?

When you join the MEGA Partner Program, you can expect top-flight support for your sales squad that’s second to none. That includes:

  • Unparalleled technical training;
  • Design renderings and mockups;
  • And even totally customized product flyers.

Whatever you need to close the deal, just pick up the phone and we’re there for you.

It bears repeating:

We get ahead together.

We even go the extra mile by forwarding you extra sales leads to your designated coverage area, making it easier for buyers to have the smoothest experience possible—which also means going through your sales team.

Everything You Ever Wanted

Besides direct, hands-on support, we bring a lot more to the table. With our Power Dealer Marketing Support, you’ll have exclusive access to a ton of awesome marketing tools—all customized for your company.

On top of that, our partner dealers have access to flexible financing programs, giving customers the freedom and incentive to sign on the dotted line:

  • 100% Financing: Your buyers have no upfront costs—shipping and taxes can be completely financed.
  • Deferred Payments: Customers don’t make full payments until their LED sign is online and creating cash.
  • Pre-approval: Grant a line of credit (up to $250,000) within just 2 hours.

Flexible financing means eliminating buyer resistance in the final hour, greasing the skids for a smooth and successful sale.

After the sale, our support team is standing by to solve all of your programming issues, plus perform quality customer training over the phone.

We guarantee lifetime tech support—and training—for each and every one of our products, too.

Custom Graphics Seal the Deal

The most powerful way to use an LED sign is by stocking it with customized graphics and content. Creating a personal experience is extremely important to us, and offering those assets to your customers is a huge deal.

That’s why we provide professional, personalized content design to aid your customers’ businesses in standing out from the pack.

And of course, we have an extensive program in place to solve any (rare) issues with our signs. We provide an optional on-site labor warranty program, meaning your company is poised to rapidly respond to customer complaints—turning a negative experience into a positive one.

You’re also able to join our on-site service network group, meaning we’ll pay you for any repairs you complete on your customers’ LED signs.

If you want extra cash, you can even service MEGA signs from nearby dealers.

Become a Power Seller

Our elite Power Sellers qualify for our MEGA Dealer Demo Trailer Program, which is as cool as it sounds. We’ll deliver a double-sided 4×8 trailer to your business, blowing your customers away with the might of LED—up close and personal.

We’re always on the hunt for incredible dealers to join our team. If you share our values of simple, sincere customer service, we want to hear from you.

Join our network for top-notch marketing support, technical support (both online and off), special financing programs and extensive dealer training programs.

Let’s start selling!

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