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31 Oct

How to Build Customer Loyalty for Your Grocery Store

If you are a small grocery store owner, chances are you are having a tough time competing with your larger, much richer counterparts. Well, you don’t have to. You have your own niche, and what you need is to work on keeping your loyal customers to attract new ones. Gaining customer loyalty shouldn’t be a […]

31 Oct

The Truth About LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are slowly becoming the bulb of choice not just in businesses but also in households. They are slowly replacing incandescent bulbs, and only for good reasons. There is a huge disparity in life expectancy between traditional light bulbs and LED light bulbs. Depending on the energy level used, a LED bulb can […]

25 Oct

How LED Signage Can Help Keep Courthouses Safer

No matter how tight the security is, the risk of violence is always present in any courthouse. The warring parties and their respective lawyers, even the judge, are never really free from danger. There have been many recorded cases of violence inside the courthouse. Unfortunately, it is continuously rising even with the increased efforts in […]

16 Oct

Attract People to Your Product Launch with LED

A product launch is the culmination of the entire product development process. Those months or years of careful planning and preparation – this is what it all comes down to. Especially for a start-up company which does not have the financial resources of the bigger companies, things may be a little harder. But not if […]

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