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18 Apr

LED Sign Messaging: Keep it Short and Simple

Creating content is one of the biggest challenges you may face when it comes to your digital display. Although knowing what works and what doesn’t for your customers may be a result of some hit and miss, it’s still important to deliver a well thought content on your outdoor LED sign. If you’re looking for […]

28 Mar

Reasons Why Your LED Sign Advertising Isn’t Working for Your Business

Your LED sign can work wonders for your business. Or at least this is what you were told by the agent that convinced you to purchase a full color LED sign for your small business. But if you are already using your digital display for quite some time and you’re still not getting the result […]

13 Nov

Retail Store Owners, Listen!

If you are reading this, you most probably are, well, a retail store owner. That can’t be bad. To avoid turning the tide, go read further. So you finally decided to strengthen your marketing campaign and purchased a LED sign to help boost your business. Great decision there. But as much as you give importance […]

25 Oct

Why Some Businesses Fail Despite Using LED

The strategy of using a LED sign displays to generate customers for your business doesn’t end with putting one up in a place where people will easily notice it. Making use of digital display signs makes you a wise marketer. But only when you give much importance to what is written there, can you be […]

05 Jul

Drive More Sales to Your Auto Dealer Business with Full Color LED Sign

When you’re in a Car dealership business, having the best sales agent in the world can bring you countless done deals and sure income. But having the best sales team needs to be paired with the right advertisement tool and unbeatable marketing strategy. When combined together, you can have the perfect formula to keep people […]

13 May

The Top 5 Reasons why LED Signs are the Right Fit for Your Business

In advertising, visibility is the key to success. Nothing attracts customers’ eyes like a well-designed, bright, and colorful sign. Here are the top five reasons to take advantage of LED signs in your business’s next marketing campaign. 1. Customization The best thing about our digital signs is the level of customization they give you. Almost […]

12 Sep

More Tips on Setting Up A LED Sign for Your Business

In our previous posts, we highlighted the main reasons why purchasing and installing a LED sign is a worthy investment for your business. In this article, we will share more top tips so you can maximize the efficiency of your digital signage. 1. When choosing which colors to use for your fonts and graphics, consider […]

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