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03 Apr

Engage Your Customers Using Your LED Sign

An effective LED Sign content doesn’t just bombard audience with different messages. Instead, it encourages people to respond, react, think or take action after reading the content. However, only few businesses are able to successfully pull this off. Other companies are stuck in mediocre content that causes them to lose great opportunities to establish their […]

19 Feb

Make In-store Event a Success through LED Sign

Hosting an in-store event is one of the most effective ways to drive foot traffic, feature a new product, meet potential clients or reward loyal customers. But for an event to be a success, you have to make it interesting enough to draw in the right crowd and give you your desired effect. A promotional […]

24 Jan

LED Signage for a Good Parking System

As car ownership continues to thrive, the increase of cars in major thoroughfares becomes unstoppable. The number of cars continues to swell, but the sizes of roads do not. See the problem? If this increase in car ownership impacts the roads, so does it affect parking lots. Developments (if any) in parking areas hardly cover […]

17 Jan

How Digital Signage Inspires Entrepreneurs

Digital signage is nothing new but it has, over the past few years, been able to encourage businessmen to engage in the trade by mere mention of its string of benefits. And why not, LED signs have been a revolution in marketing. An outdoor LED sign truly works wonders for a business establishment, reason for […]

13 Dec

The Role of LED Signage Inside the Office (part 1)

Employee productivity is essential to the progress of a business. This is why employee evaluation is a key function in business management. When a decline in employee productivity is perceived, nothing less than immediate action is needed. In laying out your plan to boost the output of employees, you’ll see how unlikely things such as […]

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