Zion Lutheran Church Sign

Zion Lutheran Church LED sign board

Zion Lutheran Church Sign is located in Anaheim, California

What they say on their website:

Zion is a living church rooted in Anaheim, California striving to be an outpost of service to our community and the world.

As we see it, church is not a building, not a club, and not a clique of friends with exclusive ideas. We are a welcoming group of people at varying levels of maturity on the road to becoming real followers of Jesus Christ.

This means we don’t claim perfection. On the contrary, we give thanks for grace, mercy, and forgiveness in our endeavors. We experience and celebrate the positive change that comes from getting close to Jesus.

We have as our mission: Sharing Christ, Changing Lives! We do the sharing, God does the work! If you’re looking for positive change, get connected to Zion!

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