Wahluke School Sign

Wahluke School Sign

Wahluke School District is a public school district in rural, Grant County, Washington

The Wahluke School District is a single “A” school, that serves 2,592 students in grades PreK-12.  It is expected that the enrollment will continue to grow. The District employs 160 certified staff members and 145 classified employees.  The school campus includes 100 acres close to the Columbia River and backed by the Saddle Mountains to the north.   The district is proud of its well maintained educational facilities that provide excellent learning spaces and accommodations for community use.

The Wahluke District has been innovative in the use of its technology programs for students (K-12). The district has been instrumental in developing entrepreneurial and other applied learning opportunities for its students.  We have a beautiful school campus, very dedicated and hard-working students and staff, and a supportive community.

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