UPC Life Church Sign

UPC Life Church LED sign Board

Agape Christian Ministry is a Church in Los Angeles, California

What they say on their website:

Rev. Gerardo “Jerry” Menchaca has been a youth advocate for more than twenty years. Born in Santa Barbara, California, he was one of nine children raised by his single, devoted mother. He is married to his beautiful wife, Ruby, since 1985 and has four wonderful children.

In 1991, Rev. Menchaca relocated to Modesto, California, and became a volunteer chaplain at the California Youth Authority in Stockton, California. In 1999, he became a licensed minister with the United Pentecostal Church International. Under Rev. Menchaca’s leadership, the Prison Volunteer Program was adopted into the curriculum of multiple facilities including the Men’s & Women’s Safety Center, Juvenile Hall, Men’s and Women’s Honor Farm, as well as the Sierra Conservation Center (Jamestown), with over fifty volunteers under his direction.

That same year (2000), he co-founded the Boys to Men Youth Mentorship Program in Modesto. The following year, he founded THUG Intervention, a gang intervention and group behavior program. In 2004, Rev. Menchaca was appointed Director of Life In Focus Education (L.I.F.E.), a life skills program at the Modesto Youth Center (MYC), and in 2005, he was placed on the Board of Directors of MYC. Soon after, he joined the Hispanic Leadership Council of Stanislaus County and served as Sargent of Arms and Vice President of the Board of Directors.

Additionally, in 2006, Rev. Menchaca served on the Stanislaus County Community Gang Task Force.

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