University Heights Presbyterian Church Sign

University Heights Alpha LED Sign Board

University Heights Presbyterian Church Sign is located in Bronx, New York

History: University Heights Presbyterian Church was founded on November 26, 1893. The church has a long and storied history, initially driven by leaders such as Rev. W.L. Waite, Prof. J.J. Stevenson, and Dr. Joseph S. Taylor. It has served the Bronx community for over a century, establishing itself as a vital part of the local spiritual and community life.

Mission and Beliefs: The church is committed to nurturing a diverse and welcoming community dedicated to following God and making disciples of Jesus Christ. Their mission includes sharing the Good News through learning, listening, praying, and working together to reach out to their communities. The church emphasizes inclusivity, encouraging all to believe, belong, and become integral parts of the congregation.

Services and Programs: University Heights Presbyterian Church offers a variety of worship services and programs to meet the needs of its congregation. These include traditional hymns, contemporary music, and organ music, as well as community service initiatives, faith and work programs, addiction recovery support, choir, and adult education. The church actively engages in outreach and local community activities, offering numerous opportunities for involvement and spiritual growth.

Community Engagement: The church places a strong emphasis on community involvement and outreach. It provides various programs and activities aimed at supporting and uplifting the local community. This includes children’s and youth activities, Sunday school, and special events designed to foster a sense of community and spiritual development.

Renovations and Future Plans: University Heights Presbyterian Church continues to evolve to meet the needs of its congregation and community. Recent efforts include enhancements to the church facilities and expanding services to better serve the Bronx community.

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