Tenakill Middle School Sign

Tenakill Middle School Alpha LED-Sign Board

Tenakill Middle School Sign is located in Closter, New Jersey

Tenakill Middle School, located in Closter, New Jersey, serves students in grades 5 through 8. The school is part of the Closter Public School District and is recognized for its strong academic performance, ranking in the top 10% of all schools in New Jersey. The school has approximately 556 students, with a student-teacher ratio of 14:1, which is higher than the New Jersey state average​ (Public School Review)​​ (SchoolDigger)​.

Academic Excellence: Tenakill Middle School prides itself on its academic achievements. About 60% of students achieve proficiency in math, and 65% in reading, both of which are significantly higher than the state averages. The school offers a rigorous curriculum designed to challenge students and prepare them for future academic success​ (Public School Review)​.

Diversity and Inclusion: The student body at Tenakill Middle School is diverse, with 44% White, 41% Asian, 11% Hispanic, 2% identifying as two or more races, 1% Black, and 1% Hawaiian. This diverse environment provides students with the opportunity to learn and grow alongside peers from various cultural backgrounds​ (Public School Review)​​ (SchoolDigger)​.

Extracurricular Activities: Tenakill Middle School offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cross-country. The school also has a student council that represents the interests of the student body and organizes various events and activities throughout the year​ (SchoolDigger)​.

Community and Support: The school emphasizes creating a safe and empowering learning environment. It encourages strong community involvement and offers numerous opportunities for parents and community members to engage with the school. This supportive community is integral to the success and well-being of the students​ (Public School Review)​​ (SchoolDigger)​.

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