New Sharon Baptist Church Sign

New Sharon Baptist Church Sign

New Sharon Baptist Church Sign is located in Husser, Louisiana

Denomination and Affiliation: New Sharon Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and is a member of the Two Rivers Association. The church serves the community in and around Husser, Louisiana​ (Church Finder)​​ (Louisiana Baptists)​.

History: The church has a long-standing presence in the community, with its roots and ministry deeply embedded in the local culture and spiritual life. Over the years, the church has seen various pastors and leaders who have contributed to its growth and outreach efforts. The church is led by Pastor Ron Ball​ (Church Finder)​.

Mission and Vision: New Sharon Baptist Church focuses on spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ through various ministries and community involvement. The church’s mission includes evangelism, edification of the saints, and exaltation of the Savior. They emphasize biblical teachings and creating a supportive community for worship and fellowship​ (Louisiana Baptists)​​ (TheSBC)​.

Services and Programs: The church offers regular worship services and various programs tailored to different age groups and needs. This includes Sunday services, Bible study sessions, and community outreach programs aimed at helping those in need and spreading the Christian faith.

Community Involvement: New Sharon Baptist Church is active in its community, participating in local events and providing support through various charitable activities. The church seeks to be a beacon of hope and faith for its members and the wider community.

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