Langley Research Center Sign

Langley Research Center Government Sign

Langley Research Center Sign is located in Hampton, Virginia

The Langley Research Center (LaRC), located in Hampton, Virginia, is NASA’s oldest field center, founded in 1917. Originally established as the Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, it played a pivotal role in aeronautics and later in space exploration. Over the decades, Langley has been instrumental in numerous significant advancements in aviation and space technology.

Langley’s contributions to aeronautics include critical research on aerodynamics, aircraft safety, and aerospace engineering. It was integral to the development of high-speed aircraft and the design of the Apollo Lunar Module, which helped NASA achieve the moon landing in 1969​ (NASA)​​ (Wikipedia)​.

The center has over 200 facilities on its 764-acre campus and employs approximately 3,400 civil servants and contractors. These facilities include advanced wind tunnels, research labs, and simulation centers used for both aeronautics and astronautics research. Langley has been involved in various historic projects, such as Project Mercury, which put the first Americans into space, and the Mars Exploration Rover missions​ (NASA)​​ (​.

Langley is also known for its contributions to Earth science, including atmospheric research and climate studies. The center’s work supports the development of technologies for both space exploration and improving our understanding of Earth’s atmosphere​ (NASA)​.

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