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Holman United Methodist Church Sign is located in Los Angeles, California

Holman United Methodist Church, located at 3320 West Adams Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, has a rich history dating back to its founding in 1945. Initially named Morgan Chapel, the church was created by a group of African-American laypeople to serve the growing African-American community on the west side of Los Angeles. The first service was held in a Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the congregation moved through various temporary locations before purchasing a permanent building in 1951​ (Holman United Methodist Church)​​ (Holman United Methodist Church)​.

The church was renamed Holman United Methodist Church in honor of Dr. Calvin Holman, the Superintendent of the Los Angeles District of the Methodist Church, who played a key role in its official organization. The church’s growth continued under the leadership of Reverend Lanneau L. White, who served as the first permanent pastor starting in 1947. During his tenure, the church purchased the Pepperdine Estate and constructed a new sanctuary in 1958​ (Holman United Methodist Church)​​ (Holman United Methodist Church)​.

Holman UMC is also known for its strong emphasis on social justice and community outreach. Reverend James M. Lawson, Jr., a prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement and a close associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., became the senior pastor in 1974. His leadership further solidified the church’s commitment to peace and social justice initiatives. The church’s campus includes multiple buildings and facilities, such as the James M. Lawson, Jr. Multipurpose Building and a multi-level parking structure​ (Holman United Methodist Church)​​ (Holman United Methodist Church)​.

Today, Holman UMC continues to thrive with a mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The church offers various ministries, educational programs, and community services, maintaining its legacy as a vibrant and active congregation committed to faith and social action

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