Global Village Academy Sign

Global Village Academy Outdoor LED sign

Global Village Academy Sign Sign is located in Aurora, Colorado

Global Village Academy (GVA) is a network of innovative language immersion charter schools with campuses in Aurora, Thornton, and Douglas County, Colorado. These schools offer a unique educational experience by combining core academic subjects with language immersion instruction. Students spend at least half of their school day learning in their chosen second language, which includes options such as Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, or French​ (GVA Schools)​​ (GVA Schools)​.

Mission and Vision:

GVA aims to create a world-class educational environment where students become fluent and literate in both English and a second world language. The academy promotes academic excellence and the development of 21st-century skills, including cross-cultural understanding and the ability to work in global contexts. The vision extends to supporting college and workforce readiness in a global economy​ (GVA Schools)​​ (Global Village Academy North)​.

Educational Approach:

The curriculum at GVA integrates rigorous academics with language immersion. This approach helps students develop a global perspective by exposing them to diverse cultures and fostering respect and understanding. Teachers at GVA come from various parts of the world, bringing their unique cultural and linguistic backgrounds into the classroom to enhance the learning experience​ (GVA Schools)​​ (Global Village Academy North)​.

Extracurricular Activities:

GVA offers a range of extracurricular activities and events to support holistic development. Students participate in International Day celebrations, cultural festivals, speech competitions, and other events that emphasize cultural exchange and global awareness. Additionally, the schools organize various after-school programs and athletics to engage students beyond the classroom​ (GVA Schools)​.

Community and Parent Engagement:

The academy values active parent and community involvement. It offers numerous opportunities for parents to engage with the school through volunteer programs, Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO), and other collaborative efforts aimed at enhancing the educational experience for all students​ (Global Village Academy North)​.

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