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Access home health care and rehabilitation sign is located in Galax, Virginia

What they say on their website:


Access Home Health Care and Rehabilitation vision is to become the home health care organization of choice by being accountable for the quality of care we provide, attentive to not only our patient needs but the improved health of our community, responsible for the continued education and development of a highly trained staff, and delivering the highest quality of care available in a home care setting.


Access Home Health Care and Rehabilitation and our staff strive to demonstrate the following values in all interactions with our patients, family members, physicians, revenue sources, the community we serve, and each other.

  1. Patient and Family Empowerment. As a staff we will teach our patients and their families how to assist in managing their illness, disease, or disability, in order to promote independence in daily activities. Our patients will be an active participant in their healthcare rather than a passive recipient.
  2. Equality. Our core beliefs advise us that we are all equal regardless of social or economic status. Our staff, family members, caregivers, and all involved in our patients care will be treated with impartiality and uniformity.
  3. Community Involvement. We believe as our community bands together each member offers a unique skill set that when combined as a group can significantly improve the quality of life in our local population.
  4. Comprehensive Care. Treat the person not just the illness, disease, or disability. Our patients have lived exciting and eventful lives. When we take the time to listen it gives us a better understanding of each patient and how to better tailor their care to promote successful outcomes.

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