Abundant Life Apostolic Church Sign

Abundant Life Apostolic Church Outdoor LED-sign

Abundant Life Apostolic Church Sign is located in Cincinnati, Ohio

Abundant Life Apostolic Church, located at 9545 Winton Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a vibrant and welcoming congregation led by Bishop H.A. Stephens. The church is dedicated to serving God and the community with a mission to provide a sanctuary for the preaching, teaching, and practice of the Word of God, as well as promoting love and fellowship among its members and the broader community​ (Abundant Life Apostolic)​​.

Key Aspects of the Church:

  1. Mission Statement:
    • The church aims to advocate gospel principles and improve society through educational and recreational opportunities, alongside training and evangelical services for the unchurched. The mission is rooted in biblical teachings, specifically drawing from St. John 10:10 and Isaiah 61:1-2​ (Abundant Life Apostolic)​.
  2. Services and Activities:
    • Sunday Worship: Held at 12 PM.
    • Tuesday Night Zoom Bible Study: Conducted at 7:30 PM.
    • Wednesday Prayer: Held at 12 Noon​ (Abundant Life Apostolic)​.
  3. Ministries and Departments:
    • The church offers a variety of ministries catering to different groups, including Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Young People’s Union, Music Ministry, Drama Ministry, Outreach Ministry, and more. These ministries are designed to engage and support members in their spiritual growth and community involvement​ (Abundant Life Apostolic)​.
  4. Community Engagement:
    • Abundant Life Apostolic Church is known for its welcoming atmosphere and active community engagement. The church hosts dynamic events and encourages members to use their gifts to serve God and others. It is described as a place where the Spirit of God is encouraged and expected at every opportunity​

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