Aberdeen First Pentecostal Church Sign

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Aberdeen First Pentecostal Church Sign is located in Aberdeen, Massachusetts

What they say on their website:

Aberdeen First Pentecostal Church began in 1929, in a store front, on Vine Street, in Aberdeen, MS.  After several years,  AFPC moved to its current location at 204 S. Locust St. Following a historic legacy of Pastors, Rev. William Edward Bowen was elected Pastor in 1960.  He is recognized for establishing the foundation of AFPC during his pastorship of 42 years.  Rev. W.E. Bowen passed away in 2002 and his son, our current Bishop, was elected to take over the church.  Bishop Ricky C. Bowen continues to work diligently to see his father’s, and his own, vision come to pass.

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