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15 Sep

See Big Results with an Alpha LED in 10 Simple Steps

See Big Results with an Alpha LED in 10 Simple Steps

Our new Alpha LED sign is an evolution in simplicity, affordability and quality that businesses have been scrambling to take advantage of.

Alpha is packed with features and options that make it the perfect outdoor advertising choice for nearly any business and organization, whether your needs are simple or complex.

But what isn’t complex is the sign itself—you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to replace your old marquee sign with a brand new, highly effective Alpha sign. In fact, it only takes ten steps…

1. Initial Survey

We’ll survey your site, discovering exactly what you need and how to deliver the best product possible.

2. Sign Design

Working with you, we’ll plan out the perfect sign to meet your advertising goals, based on your needs and budget.

3. Sign Production

Using only the highest quality parts and production methods, we’ll assemble your sign ASAP.

4. Aging/Environment Test

We’ll put your new sign to the test, making sure it’s able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

5. Electric Connection

Now that your sign is finished, the first step during installation is setting up your electrical connection.

6. Groundwork—Hole and Rebar

Next, we’ll excavate the area and place rebar to support your sign’s pedestal.

7. Groundwork—Concrete Fill

Now, we’ll fill in that hole we just dug with concrete to give your sign a sturdy foundation.

8. Install Pedestal

Now we’ll attach your sign’s pedestal to the concrete base. Almost done!

9. Install Cabinet

With a few more bolts, your sign’s LED cabinet will be affixed to the top of your pedestal.

10. Final Inspection

After checking to make sure everything is working properly, we’ll be all finished. See, we told you it was easy.

Big Results without the Headache

Just ten quick steps, and you’ll be ready to start advertising with your new outdoor LED sign. Alpha was designed for simplicity, and that’s exactly what you’ll get during installation and daily use of your sign.

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