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School LED Signs Vs Neon Signs

School LED Signs Vs Neon Signs

Should your school buy a neon or LED sign? It’s a big decision! But at the risk of spoiling the rest of this post, LED signs are a much more cost-effective way of reaching your target audience.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of both school LED signs and neon school signs, and you’ll be able to see exactly why LED is top dog.

Benefits of School Neon Signs

With neon, what you see is what you get. Neon has been used in signage for about a hundred years—it’s reliable technology that’s used in signs all around the globe, and finding a neon sign dealer close to your business is pretty easy.

One of the biggest reasons neon signs are still used today is that they evoke a sort of nostalgic romanticism—neon signs conjure up images of the past that make them very useful in both art and films.

Unfortunately, romanticism doesn’t always equal advertising power.

Benefits of School LED Signs

LED signs, on the other hand, have way more going on that pure nostalgia, like:

  • Brightness: School LEDs are a lot brighter than neon signs, allowing them to be viewed from much further away (even in broad daylight).
  • Cost: Although LEDs and neon signs used to be comparable in price, LED signs are getting cheaper by the year and now cost about 10% less than their old-school counterparts.
  • Energy: LED signs use a lot less power than neon signs…5-10x less, in fact.
  • Maintenance: School neon signs need their gases refilled frequently, which can be very costly. LED signs require much less maintenance.
  • Health and Environmental Impact: Unlike LED signs, neon signs are made of fragile glass, which can easily shatter and leak harmful gas into the environment.

When it comes to effectiveness, reach, cost, and a variety of other factors, school LED signs are clearly a superior choice to neon alternatives.

Of course, neon signs have their uses. It’s just that for the average school or college that’s concerned primarily with delivering consistent messaging to their community, LED signs get the job done far more efficiently.

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