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Protect Your LED Display From The Elements with Almost ZERO Effort

Protect Your LED Display From The Elements with Almost ZERO Effort

Whether it’s harsh winter weather like ice and snow storms in freezing cold temperatures, spring downpours, or blazing hot sunlight in the summertime, there are some common sense steps you can take to keep your sign safe from the elements.

Your business or non-profit organization’s LED sign display represents a capital investment in your organization or company, and you can put a dollar on both its price tag and its expected value in driving traffic and revenue for your business.

So it’s important to get a well-manufactured, durable digital sign board, and take care to keep it in good shape so that your sign last a long time and continues to return benefits for your investment.

Here are some measures you can take to safeguard your LED display:

After Market Weatherproofing Accessories

You can extend the usable life of your digital sign display by purchasing and installing weatherproofing aftermarket accessories. Google is your friend.

Shop online to compare products, pricing, and customer reviews and find the electronic sign board weather proof equipment that best suits your needs. If your business is located in a rough area, you can even install vandal proof sign covers to protect your investment.

Get A Durable Sign in The First Place

Sometimes you save money by going for the cheapest product you can find, but sometimes you end up buying a lot of problems by getting something that isn’t well made.

That’s why Toyota is the most popular auto brand even though it’s the priciest non-luxury auto out there. The price on the sticker is higher than its competitors, but the average five year cost of ownership is lower because of its quality, reliability, and durability.

MEGA Sign Inc’s LED displays are made to the highest standard of quality, and designed to resist rust, heat, and water damage. They can last more than a decade with proper care and maintenance.

Location, Location, Location

If possible choose a location for your LED display that will help keep it safe from the elements. If there are any topographical or structural features that will keep your sign in the shade, shelter it from strong winds, or cover it from precipitation, that would be ideal. You can augment the sign’s ideal placement with accessories to protect the sign from wind, rain, and the sun’s UV rays.

Sign Stability

Mounting your LED display firmly and securely is an important element in making sure the sign doesn’t suffer any damage from high winds.

This is especially important to consider if you’re going to place the sign in a wind corridor where it will certainly be subject to harsh winds.

If a wind corridor is a known factor in your sign’s placement, try to mount the sign so that it cuts through the wind sideways rather than catching the wind across the broad face of the sign.

That could put undue structural stress on the sign and its mountings over the years. Download our free guide to installation for outdoor monument style LED displays to learn how to effectively secure your sign.

Put Your LED Display On Wheels

Putting you LED display on wheel is an excellent way to protect it from the elements. You can simply move it indoors ahead of any inclement weather conditions.

After market wheel kits are available online to mount your LED sign and roll. This makes it easy for one person to move your sign when needed. It also offers excellent flexibility for your sign placement.

You can A/B test sign placement and see if one spot works better than another for driving conversions.

You can also take your sign with you to brighten up your booth at a conference if you rep your business at any industry events.

About MEGA

Investing in an LED display is a powerfully cost-effective and high-ROI method to boost traffic and sales for your business. MEGA offers the industry’s best. Our quality, durable, great-looking signs will be sure to turn heads. We want to be your digital signage partner for years to come.

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