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Planning Your Outdoor Business Sign Placement? Ask an Expert

Planning Your Outdoor Business Sign Placement? Ask an Expert

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably planning on getting an outdoor business sign sometime in the near future.

And if you’ve done any looking around the web to check out your options, you’re likely amazed at the variety of digital business sign products out there. Do you need a simple scrolling LED window sign? Or is a monument-style digital marquee more up to what you need for your business? To get the right sign for you takes some thought about what you’re trying to accomplish and how you want to go about doing it.

Some of the most common considerations are your budget, the site where you’ll be placing your business signage, the messaging you’ll want to display on the sign, and how the weather in your area will affect an outdoor business sign along with the durability of the signs you’re considering. Here are five questions to ask to help you narrow down the options:

1. Where Will Your Outdoor Business Sign Be Located?

Will your sign be for attracting pedestrians passing by into your storefront? Or will it be for drivers cruising through to see your announcements, specials, and brand? Will your digital LED sign be outdoors, or under a covered awning? Do you have the room for a large Marquee board sign, or do you just need a small scrolling digital sign?

If your business is located in an outdoor strip mall or a shopping center with a large amount of foot traffic, then a scrolling LED window sign might be ideal to suit your company’s marketing needs. If your business attracts people from the road, then a monument style LED sign marquee replacement would be a better outdoor business sign for you.

2. How Long Are Your Business Sign Messages?

Not only that– but how frequently will your sign content change? If you don’t plan this part ahead of time, you might get stuck with a sign that doesn’t have enough space for your messages. The amount of text that displays in the available space on each sign is a critical factor in how long your messages should be.

A message that’s too long for the sign it’s displayed on will be impossible for people to easily read or comprehend. If you want quick and easy turn around for your messages, so you can post seasonal updates, or even daily specials like flash sales (which are an excellent marketing tool in the social media era), then a digital LED display of some kind is your ideal outdoor business sign solution.

3. How Do You Want To Change Your Sign’s Content?

If you want to go with a changeable letter sign, it can save your business some money, and changing your sign’s content involves physically sliding sign letters off and onto the sign’s tracking in the correct sequence to spell out your advertisement. Using an expo marker sandwich board will save your business a lot of money as well. You just need to find some cool colored markers and get someone with artistic handwriting and ideally some nice drawing skills.

You could also always hire one of those sign flipping businesses to get a teenager or college student to flip and spin a sign for you. With LED display signs, you can easily design and change your sign content on a computer with a user friendly digital content design program similar to PowerPoint, something that lets you design slides, add effects, and control transition settings.

4. How Durable Will Your Business Sign Need to Be?

As with any product, quality and durability matters. But with outdoor business signs, durability can be a critical factor, especially if you live in an area prone to blazing sunlight and temperatures, or periodic torrential down pours, or freezing rain and snow, or all of these at different times of year. MEGA Sign Inc’s products are made in America to the highest degree of quality in a 69,000 square foot facility in Commerce, California. Our LED signs are manufactured to resist rust, heat, and water damage.

They can last for over a decade with proper care and maintenance. We have a 5-year parts and on-site labor warranty with super fast turn around for claims. With all aluminum cabinets, continuous steel mounts, LINE-X coating, solid state control systems, and water proof plugs, your sign is going to look and perform just like the day you bought it for years to come.

5. What Is Your Marketing Budget?

Outdoor LED business signs offer small businesses some of the lowest advertising costs per impression to meet a target audience of any medium, and very attractive returns on investment (ROI). Still some business proprietors aren’t sure they’ll be worth the cost, or that they will be out of their company’s budget range.

Others know it’s within their budget, but they’ve never bought a digital sign before and are worried they’ll pay too much. MEGA Sign Inc has the most competitive prices on digital displays and a price match guarantee.

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