MEGA LED Technology creates New Generation Countdown Clock Display at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida

NASA LED Sign countdown clock dual images
Old NASA countdown clock vs New

See NASA’s official photo’s here!

MEGA LED Technology is proud to have been part of the historical changing of the clocks that symbolizes the ushering in of a new era in space exploration with the inaugural launch of the new Orion spacecraft in 2014.

The new countdown LED display has replaced the world famous and most watched analog clock, seen by billions across the globe.

We have worked directly with NASA to install one of the best outdoor LED displays, in terms of resolution in the word today. This top of the line 6.25 mm pitch resolution LED display is 7.4 feet high and and 26.24 feet wide, and has 360 pixels by 1280 pixels, which consists of over 460,000 LED’s.


“I think this is an upgrade that will really surprise the news media with how much more information they will get to see while they are outside watching the launch.”

George Diller, NASA Public Affairs Officer


Removing the Old Apollo NASA LED Countdown Clock

Removing the old Apollo Countdown clock, Cape Canaveral Florida.

NASA crew removing the old LED countdown clock

MEGA LED crew removing the historic old Countdown Clock (we also specialize in old sign take-down!)

MEGA Countdown clock - MEGA LED delivering its hundreds of LED's

MEGA LED technology delivers its dozens of LED sign boards to NASA’s Cape Canaveral, Florida

Guys in truck unloading LED signs

MEGA LED crew carefully unloading NASA’s LED’s for their new countdown clock.

MEGA LED countdown clock coming together.

The coming together of NASA’s LED sign boards for one giant screen.

NASA countdown clock being set up for the ORION launch

LED testing for the ORION launch

NASA's countdown clock worked perfect for the SpaceX launch. 1
MEGA LED finishing their installation of their countdown clock

Some more images of MEGA LED Technology installing NASA’s countdown clock, just in time for the 2014 ORION space launch, and a successful 2020 SpaceX launch!

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