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15 Sep

MEGA Cloud Makes Managing Your LED Sign Easier than Ever

MEGA Cloud Makes Managing Your LED Sign Easier than Ever

With MEGA Cloud, using your LED sign has never been easier. MEGA Cloud is packed with powerful features that make it super simple to manage just about every aspect of your LED sign.

Let’s go over some of those key features, and find out why thousands of businesses have chosen MEGA LED to take their advertising efforts to the another level.

Schedule Campaigns

Plan and schedule your messages, then publish them however you want—by week, by day, by hour, on specific dates, or even by location.

Content on the Go

You’ll be able to write and design brand new messaging on the go and upload it directly to the Cloud, meaning you won’t be chained to a desk whenever you need to tweak your campaign.

Multiple Regions

Plan your campaign with specific regions, assigning unique messaging and media to each regional zone relevant to your business. Customize your campaigns with as many regions as you need.

Audit Log

Assign as many users as you need, all with unique access privileges, and get highly detailed reports tracking each user’s actions.

Drag-and-Drop Timelines

Click, drag and drop your apps and media into your campaign timeline, and watch your ad campaigns materialize out of thin air.

Proof of Play

Get access to reports showing whenever a campaign was played back, anytime and anywhere.

Real-Time Monitoring

Detect and fix issues faster and easier than ever before with real-time performance monitoring.

Powerful Apps

Create powerful, engaging content using apps that display weather details, time, your RSS feed, Facebook posts, game scores, YouTube clips, templates, and a whole lot more.

Build Your Own Apps

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Make your own apps using our A-to-Z guidelines get the most out of your LED sign with custom content.

Automatic Updates

With Cloud technology, your software will always be updated to the latest version, no matter what.

Safe and Secure

24/7 access to your content thanks to daily backups and secured data in our own servers lets you sleep easy at night.

Easier, Better LED Software

The days of clunky LED sign software is over. With MEGA Cloud, the power to create engaging messaging is in your hands—easier and faster than ever before.

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