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Maximizing Holiday Exposure with LED Signage

Maximizing Holiday Exposure with LED Signage

Right now your potential customers and visitors are wading through a sea of messages—holiday sales, seasonal greetings, winter weather advisories, calls for donations, food drives…you get the idea.

How do you stand out? And just as importantly, what message do you need to get across as the winter festivities reach a fever pitch?

No matter what your industry is, LED signs are the best solution to holiday advertising—and the rest of the year.

They’re the perfect combination of visibility, excitement and true 24/7/365 broadcasting. Let’s look at a few of their specific advantages when it comes to surviving this winter and beyond.

LED Signs Can Be Targeted On The Fly

Meaning, you can alter your sign’s message at a moment’s notice—adapting to attract different audiences at different times of the year.

Have altered holiday hours? Tell your customers so they aren’t miffed on Christmas Eve when they expect you to be open.

Imagine a gas station instantly swapping its morning coffee deal for an afternoon sub advertisement, and switching back to its low gas prices just in time for evening rush hour.

Plus, you don’t have to go out in the cold to change it.

The possibilities for customization aren’t just limited to daily or seasonal changes, either. LEDs are used by countless organizations to broadcast emergency information, up to and including winter weather bulletins and school closures.

LED Signs Stand Out

Early nights, cloud cover and inclement weather shroud traditional advertising methods from viewers. Billboards and readerboard signs just don’t stand out under a gray winter sky or a dark commute.

Outdoor LED signs—especially modern, high-definition ones—are the complete opposite. These signs demand attention for your organization, and during winter months they are unmistakable beacons of light for your company.

Another advantage LEDs have over static displays is the fact that, well, they aren’t static. Moving, changing content—even just scrolling letters—gets noticed, period.

LED Signs Leave An Impression

On average, people see several hundred advertising images every day, ranging from grocery store displays to TV commercials. Most people don’t even acknowledge half of those.

You can bet those numbers are even higher during the holiday rush.

The only messages that linger in our brains are the ones that are either:

  • Of immediate importance to us (Aunt Marge is visiting tomorrow and she’s going to complain about the pillows in your guest bedroom);
  • Or, ones that leave a unique impression (The Salvation Army dresses as Santa and rings a bell to call for donations in front of retail stores).

Maybe you didn’t consider donating to the Salvation Army, but their message is clear and hard to ignore—how can you walk by Santa without donating money to needy families? They’ve planted an idea in your brain that’s now competing for attention with Aunt Marge’s nagging.

That’s powerful.

LED signs fall into the second category. Maybe Joe the pharmacist wasn’t thinking about your church’s toy drive on his way to work. He sees your LED sign and your message registers, even just briefly.

Joe goes to work. Maybe he completely forgets about you. Aunt Marge is coming tomorrow, after all. But on his way home, he sees your sign again.

And you know what? He would like to donate some toys.

Would your message have the same effect if it was sent via radio advertisement, hopelessly drowned out during Joe’s commute like so many other messages?

What if it was displayed on a dingy readerboard, barely visible against a light dusting of snow?

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

If you’ve been on the fence about LED signs, I hope this article has inspired you to learn more about these powerful advertising tools. I don’t want to see your organization buried—not in snow, and not by your competition’s barrage of ads.

If you already have an LED for your business, make sure you’re using it to its full potential! They’re simple to update with seasonal messages, and staying current will help your business grow for years to come.

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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