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Make Your School LED Sign Stand Out

Make Your School LED Sign Stand Out

Not every school LED sign is the same, and that also means using the wrong school LED could cause your messaging to get lost in translation.

School LED signs can’t just be left alone to their own devices in the hopes of solving your outreach and marketing problems, but with a little thought they can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

Let’s look over a few tips for maximizing your LED experience and getting the biggest ROI for your school that you possibly can.

Always Advertise

After buyers first bring home their new MEGA LED signs, the ‘honeymoon’ period starts. The sign is new and fun, and so is writing brand new messaging and content for your sign.

But as time goes on, the novelty factor wears off. All of a sudden you find yourself still wishing students a happy winter break when it’s already time for graduation. But when owners stop caring about their signs, that’s where the LED signs stop working.

Your LED sign only remains relevant for as long as you put effort into advertising. And yes, you HAVE to think of your messaging as advertising, even though you’re running a school and not a car dealership.

If developing content isn’t your strong suit, or you simply don’t have the time, consider hiring a pro to help. You’ll be well rewarded for your effort.

Content Quality

As always, content is king. Content factors that are most important for LED signs are timing, resolution and font size—essential for getting your messaging read on this unique medium.

Your content needs big, bold text, legible font, and supporting animations, video or multimedia to really hook the viewer. Your messaging also needs to be concise enough for a viewer to read it before they pass by, whether that’s in a car or on foot.

Timing and Scheduling

Although some businesses do it, you really don’t want to display the same stale content 24/7/365. Your visitors will quickly get used to seeing your sign and it will fade into their everyday background noise, totally invisible.

To get frequent views and as many eyeballs on your school sign as possible, you need tons of fresh content. For your school, that could mean displaying specific messages at different times of day, or specific days. With modern LED software, scheduling messaging like this is extremely simple and a lot easier than the old days of changing signs by hand.

Use a Good Sign

This might sound self-explanatory, but bad signs generally make bad advertisement tools.

You might be using your sign around the clock, and knowing that your manufacturer has your back can make all the difference in the world.

Bad signs break down more often, they’re harder to work with, and they cost you more time and money to use than a well-made sign.

But don’t just get a good sign—get a great one. Our school LED signs are produced with ultra high quality parts, they’re extremely customizable, and our customer service is the best in the business.

If you want your sign and your school to stand out, there’s no better partner than MEGA.

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