15 Nov

LED Signs Vs. Static Signs

LED Signs Vs. Static Signs

For as long as people have been selling things (almost as long as people have existed), there have been signs.

With the explosion of modern advertising in the past century, billboards and other types of traditional signs are now plastered along every stretch of highway and every city block in the whole country, and pretty much the whole world.

But with LED’s arrival, the advertising world is being shaken up. The truth is, LED signs are far superior to their static cousins—here’s why.
Advantages of LED Signs

Static signs eventually wear out—and not just the sign itself, but the sign’s MESSAGING. The content on your LED sign will eventually need to be changed, too—but it’s way, way easier and you can do it while sitting on your couch or at your desk using cutting edge LED programming apps in the Cloud.

LED signs now boast high definition video and graphics, giving your sign a little extra punch and helping build your brand and create awareness, ultimately influencing your customers to buy.

The up-front cost of an LED sign is higher than a static sign, this is true. But LED signs are in it for the long haul, and the potential ROI is much, much higher than static signs—with most businesses earning back the price of the sign after just a year.

LED signs are resistant to heat, water and rust, and can last more than a decade with minimal maintenance.

Static signs quickly lose their advertising power, becoming background noise to most people after being seen just a few times. LED signs can provide customized messages on the fly, providing a fresh experience to potential customers.

LED signs are powered by top-notch cloud-based software allowing you to adjust messages in real time, testing to find the perfect pitch without needing to tear down your old sign and start over.

Easy Maintenance
The best LED companies provide unparalleled customer support, meaning you’ll receive parts in the blink of an eye—keeping your sign and your business running as much as possible.

LED signs are increasingly becoming a necessity for many businesses as people begin to understand just how much LED outclasses traditional, static signs. LED signs make delivering messages and winning customers easier than ever before—and that’s a fact.

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