14 Aug

Keep Your Customers Entertained While They Wait with Digital Signage

Keep Your Customers Entertained While They Wait with Digital Signage

Every successful business owner understands the desires and needs of their customers—especially during long wait times.

We’ve all been there before, standing in a huge line at the mall during the holidays or sitting through the morning rush at the coffee shop or fast food joint. Waiting might be a necessary evil, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be evil for your customers. And that’s where Mega LED signs come in.

Give Your Customers Something to Do!

In just a few moments, your customers will have already scrolled through all of their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. Now’s your chance to grab their attention with your shiny new LED sign:

  • Use games or trivia—you could even go interactive and have customers share answers using social media
  • Display your latest news, brand updates, and fun facts about your staff and organization
  • Build engagement with your brand by encouraging customers to mention you on social media

Share Your Newest Deals

People who are standing in line or sitting around your waiting room are an ideal audience. Just waiting with little to do besides play on their phones customers are pretty open to advertising since they likely have some kind of positive opinion about your business—otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

Just be sure not to overwhelm people with ads—they are a captive audience, after all.

Offer Rewards

What better to way to show people you appreciate their patience than by giving them a reward? It’s simple to offer customers a chance to check in online, rewarding them with a promo code after completing a brief survey or review.

Talk about a win-win: you get feedback, and your customers feel even more valued than before.

Keep it Brief

No matter which kind of content you choose to share, keep it lighthearted and simple. Adjust your content based on your expected wait time—otherwise customers may be forced to read the same messages over and over, or leave before reading your content in its entirety.

Bottom line? Use your LED signs to turn a boring wait into an opportunity to provide value to both your business and your customers. Digital signage makes it easy—all you have to do is get creative.

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