15 Jan

Is MicroLED the Future of Digital Billboards?

Is MicroLED the Future of Digital Billboards?

Samsung recently demonstrated the power and versatility of their MicroLED technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. But what does that mean for digital signage?

To understand why MicroLED might be exciting for the LED sign industry, let’s examine the two types of LED tech you’re most likely to find in your TVs at home—LED and OLED.

Standard LED (light emitting diode) TVs differ from OLED (organic light emitting diode) TVs in a major way—the former requires backlighting, while the latter emits light and color on its own.

OLEDs mark a huge advancement in the LED industry, but they aren’t without problems. For one, the organic compounds used in OLED displays will degrade over time, lessening image quality in your TV (or sign).

Samsung’s MicroLED displays combine the best of both worlds, creating a screen that is energy efficient, doesn’t degrade, doesn’t require a separate back light, displays deep black color like OLED displays, are extremely bright, and are even thinner than their predecessors.

But what’s even more exciting for MicroLED displays is their modular ability, with Samsung demonstrating how individual MicroLED panels can be configured and rearranged in an endless array of shapes and sizes.

Custom LED sign solutions are currently available, but MicroLED tech looks like the next big leap in terms of truly customizing your displays and enhancing customer experience.

While the idea of creating really thin TV screens or TVs in weird shapes doesn’t sound too appealing, having more digital sign options is never a bad thing.

Although Samsung’s MicroLED technology won’t be available quite yet, we (and our customers) can’t wait to see its applications in televisions, phone screens, and of course, our future generation of digital signs and billboards.

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