31 Oct

Interactive Touchscreen Signs: Digital Sign Game Changer?

Interactive Touchscreen Signs: Digital Sign Game Changer?

Next up in the digital signage industry is interactive digital signs enabled by the increasingly accessible cost of deploying touchscreen technology.

In retail chains everywhere touchscreen kiosks are ringing up orders for Panera coffee and bagels, or a McDonald’s Big Mac combo and a Happy Meal. It’s only a matter of time before smaller chains and mom and pop shops everywhere use interactive touchscreen signs that do more than excite and advertise to customers.

Interactive Digital Signage

They’ll give customers an opportunity to literally reach out and touch their brand, interact with it in a tactile way as well as visually, self direct their attention to whatever information they’re looking for, provide feedback so the business can learn more about their customers, share their contact information or set appointments for the business to follow up with, and even just have fun.

It’s the next logical step in the progression of signs from neon tubes and ink on cardboard, to brilliant custom LED signs, to fully interactive touchscreen displays. We’re watching these industry trends closely, and understand that in the coming years some businesses, organizations, and storefronts will be keenly interested in upgrading to these signs, or using them to supplement their existing LED signage to create a visually rich digital environment for their prospects and patrons.

Applications of Touchscreen Signs

Imagine a hotel chain with interactive digital signs that allow customers in the lobby to browse vacancies, view photos of each room, get the overnight rates on each one, and make any special requests such as a wake up call, extra towels, or late checkout. Or imagine a touchscreen sign outside your church that displays the church marquee with service schedule and announcements.

But someone walking by on the street also sees that they can put in an anonymous prayer request for something they are struggling with in their life, and they can leave their contact info if they want, in case they’d like someone to talk to.

Or imagine parents touring your school to see if they want to enroll their child. They see another parent go up to a touchscreen LED sign and sign their kid up for soccer tryouts, or notify the school that they’ll be absent Thursday and Friday next week for a family vacation, requesting the classwork and homework assignments be sent to their email.

The prospective parents walk up to the display and can browse a list of all extracurricular activities the school offers. They saw it on the website, but now they’ve seen it again in person on a giant screen.

These capabilities are going to become a game changer when they make their way into the mass market for businesses and organizations to use.

If you don’t need all of that for now, and just want a brilliant, memorable way to advertise to and inform your prospective audience with a custom LED sign for your business or non-profit, consider the amazing digital signage products we offer here at Mega Sign Inc.

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