15 Jan

Ignore LED Content Creation at Your Own Peril

Ignore LED Content Creation at Your Own Peril

As something becomes more familiar, it fades into the background. The same is true of your LED sign—unless you get serious about content creation.

The first time a business installs a new LED sign, rest assured that people take notice. LED signs are impossible to not notice. LED signs are eye-catching. People want to read them, to pay attention to them, to notice them.

But new LED sign owners often fall into the same trap, the same approach they used with their old readerboard sign—leaving Fourth of July messages up until Thanksgiving, failing to replace that missing “O” for three weeks straight, and ultimately causing their sign (and their business) to lose visibility with potential customers.

LED Sign Marketing Offers Unparalleled Messaging Convenience

With old-school style signs, you at least have the excuse that changing your business’ message is tough. It’s too hot outside, too cold, too rainy, too inconvenient in general.

But with LED signs that often boast incredibly user-friendly, cloud-based software, changing your message is as easy as typing in something fresh on your lunch break—wherever you might be.

Sure, there are legitimate reasons why you might not update your content as often as you should, but the most common ones we see are:

  • The sign software is too hard to use
  • I’m not sure what to promote
  • I’m way too busy

But you must find the time and energy to come up with messaging regularly, or your business will suffer, and your sign will never live up to its full potential. Dont Ignore LED Content Creation! If needed consider hiring a handyman or part time employee to change your signs message on a weekly or monthly basis. This is the crux of LED sign marketing, and can in turn have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Let’s look at each of these issues in turn.

Overcoming Content Creation Challenges

If you’ve chosen a MEGA LED sign, odds are good that the software isn’t the problem—ours is about as easy as it gets.

Coming up with content isn’t as hard as most people make it out to be. To mix things up, maybe take a week or two break from self-promoting and reach out to a charity organization that would love to get some visibility on your LED sign.

You could change the way your content looks, as opposed to changing your messaging. You could turn to news or other important events to keep your community up-to-date. And when all else fails, you could just try to make people smile.

Setting aside time for properly filling your sign with the right content is unavoidable. Whether you hire outside help or learn the basics yourself, remember that more people are going to be affected by your sign than pretty much any other form of advertising medium—your planning and execution really do count.

Are you really willing to turn away a significant boost in business because you’re “too busy?”

LED Signs Are an Investment

Too often, business owners look at LED signs in terms of costs—costs to purchase them, costs to maintain them, costs to create content (both in terms of time and money).

But digital signs are NOT an expense—they’re an investment. And investing a little time and money into your sign is the only way to make sure that investment pays off. So whatever you do, don’t Ignore LED Content Creation!

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