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How to Keep Your Premier Sign Looking Brand New

How to Keep Your Premier Sign Looking Brand New

Our Premier LED outdoor signs are a big investment in your business, and safeguarding that investment is crucial to see results for years down the road. Read on for tips on how to properly care for your new LED sign, protect it from the elements, and keep it safe from wear and tear.

Keeping Your Premier LED Sign Looking Fresh

For basic cleaning, wash your LED sign with mild soap (dish soap) and warm water, and NEVER use any sort of abrasive like scouring pad or scrub brushes—these can easily scratch the surface of your sign.

Rinse your Premier sign with clean water and dry it using a soft cloth to avoid water spots.

You can also use the same methods to clean your sign’s frame, cabinet, surface, and other painted metallic areas.

Spot Cleaning Your Premier LED Sign

Your Premier sign can be spot cleaned with cleaning products like Windex using a soft towel or cloth, but avoid things like paper towels, Lysol, Pinesol, and any other cleaners that contain butyl cellosolve.

For removing lime or calcium deposits, clean your sign with a mix of water and vinegar in a ten-to-one ration, or a 1:1 mix of baking soda and water.

How to Remove Graffiti from a Premier Sign

If your sign has been defaced by spray paint, permanent markers or eggs, don’t panic. You can remove all of the above using isopropyl alcohol, lacryl or VM&P Naphtha.

Apply the cleaning product to your sign’s affected area and wipe it clean with a sponge or soft cloth. For graffiti on the painted metal areas of your sign, use isopropyl alcohol, WD40, or bug/tar remover such as 3M Adhesive.

Premier LED Sign Preventative Care

Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take these steps to minimize damage to your LED sign in the first place:

Shut Down Your Sign

When your sign isn’t needed, be sure to shut it down to both conserve energy and greatly extend its longevity.

Clean Regularly

Clean your sign regularly to remove built up dirt and dust, which can negatively affect your sign’s brightness. Areas with dry climates or frequent snow should wipe their signs downs even more often.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

Investing in an LED sign is a big step, and taking care of that investment with routine cleaning will make your sign last for years to come.

Of course, half of the battle is choosing the right sign in the first place—and with MEGA’s Premier LED sign, you’re already halfway to victory.

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